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How Frank Koretsky Made People Into Slaves

Blockbuster has closed. They officially are done.

If that’s not an indication of where our business is and what it’s become I don’t know what is. The heyday of our business was basically the period of Blockbuster.

Blockbuster never carried adult product, but you had Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video and others chains that did. They have all shut their doors.

And now Blockbuster is done.

How much longer do we have to be a slave to people like Frank Koretsky? And how much longer are we going to be in a position where the people who now control things in the business continue to do so?

You’re all clinging onto something that is hanging by a string. And you don’t want to lose it.

I’m going to explain to you this process. It goes from point A to point B and when I explain it, people really dig it because it’s quite enlightening.

Let me explain to you why our entire business is basically in handcuffs.

Right now in the business there are about twelve distributors that are left. If that.

Out of those twelve distributors, IVD, which is owned by Frank Koretsky is the biggest one. After that, the distributors are basically store owners that call themselves distributors because it sounds more official.

They run it like a traditional distribution chain, going around to different outlets and purchasing pieces in bulk, like 10,000 for $5. They then sell that product to their stores.

This distribution arm is a separate entity with its own corporation. They sell the product to the stores with a 2 or 3 dollar markup. The stores take those movies and sell them at a retail price of $29.95 to $39.95. The stores usually sell at between $9.95 to $49.95 depending on what they pay.

Right now they can buy a movie for 50 cents to a dollar. No bullshit. It’s old footage that is put together and packaged cheaply. And they sell them for $19.95. Most of the stores right now won’t buy new releases that they have to pay $15-20 for. They load up their stores with product that they don’t pay more than $5 for.

We don’t have the smartest people running this shit. Cigarette companies sell their product, depending on where you are, at 5, 6, 7 dollars. RJ Reynolds doesn’t take a pack of cigarettes and go, “Here ya go. 22 cents!” And the other cigarette companies don’t go, “We better do the same thing.”

They say, “Hey everybody, nobody lower their price more than this. And they all say OK.”

Our business didn’t do that, so what you have are a bunch of morons clinging to something that, back in the 90’s was so much money.

What happened was, we were all selling VHS. And then DVD’s came along and the consumer couldn’t get enough. We had movies that were 3-4 years old that all we had to do was author them and we sold them for like $10. So we would sell new release VHS and DVD and old movies on DVD as well.

So we were selling DVD for $10. Then the Israelis dropped it to 8 and then 6, then 4. Everyone who was in the adult business at that time know who I’m talking about. They destroyed the pricing structure in the business. They were known as Rita and Josef from Sunshine Films.

There was this whole Israeli faction from Danny Maman to Tomar and Rafi in New York that would buy up product for in huge bulk for pennies that they said was being shipped to Israel.

They controlled the replication facilities and they would pirate movies and ship them out the back door to their friends in New York and elsewhere. They systematically destroyed this once very profitable industry.

But we were making so much money that we didn’t see it. We could shoot a shitty blowjob movie and make $10,000 on VHS. Then take it and put in on DVD and make another 10K.

So what happened was as the market got flooded and the value of the product shrank, the profits started to dwindle and people started to panic. Because when they were making money, they all bought Lamborghinis and Bentleys.

People who weren’t in the business then don’t really know what I’m talking about, but those that were are laughing their asses off now because they know it’s true.

How people like Frank Koretsky made people into slaves is simple. A GVA stocked product to sell in their own stores. Koretsky actually stocked product that that sold to all the stores. So you could go to someone like Koretsky and he would take hundreds of a number of a thousand releases and pay you 75 cents on something that you had 35 cents into. So you theoretically doubled your money.

But if Frank didn’t want to take your product, you were done. You could survive without the little distributors that sold to their own stores, but you couldn’t survive without Frank.

That’s why nobody rocks the boat because the way this business is connected if you piss anybody off in the chain, from Frank to Larry Flynt who owns New Frontier Media and controls the cable, to Paul Cambria who is the lawyer for all of these guys, you’re fucked.

That’s why you can’t have any change because you can’t afford to piss anyone off because you all need them to live.

You bitch about problems that will never be fixed because the people that cause the problems are there and you all let them do what they can to fuck you.

You people don’t even know the real power structure in this business. You think Derek Hay runs this business? You have no idea.

In order to truly change things for the better you have to start at the top. But you won’t because you’re all too deathly afraid to facilitate that change because you don’t want to lose money.

You all want to change policy and procedure, but who is going to oversee this? The same people who created the problems?

You’re all talking about change and I’m the only one telling you where it has to come from, you’re telling me the change that needs to be done, but you won’t say who is to mandate it and carry it out.

If I say I agree with all of the problems and all of your solutions, who is going to carry them out?

None of you have an answer, because you know that your leadership are the ones who are supposed to carry out policy, and the leadership that’s there now is corrupt, and the policies that are there now, they can’t carry them out.

What makes you think they’re going to carry out your new policies? They won’t. So you have to get rid of the leadership.

But you won’t say it, because the leadership is Evil Angel. Kink. And you losers need them to survive. So it makes you feel good to hide behind a keyboard or a Twitter, and you bitch, bitch, bitch. But you won’t do anything about it because you’re all too afraid that they won’t give you work.

You bitch about things that are broken, you are afraid to confront the problem and you hide behind keyboards and fake names and you don’t want to do anything about fixing it.

Do something about it. Get some balls. Stop being pussies and do what needs to be done to fix the problem.

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