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Jeff Mullen Interviewed by This is Brand X

from – Over the decades, a handful of television shows have found a lasting place in the heart of American culture. “The Brady Bunch,” “Bewitched,” “The Cosby Show,” “MASH,” “The Partridge Family,” “Married With Children,” “Charlie’s Angels” among them.

And now, thanks to the vision of Jeff Mullen [pictured right], those beloved programs are enjoying a second life as something else near and dear to America’s heart: good ol’fashioned pornography.

Of course, X-rated versions of Hollywood hits are nothing new — surely you recall “Edward Penishands,” “Good Will Humping,” or “A Rear and Present Danger” — but Mullen (who writes, produces, directs, markets and composes soundtracks under the nom de porn Will Ryder for his company X-Play) has created his own niche within the classic TV genre. And the quality goes in before the name goes on.

“The film parodies were generally a loose take on the subject. They never really took it past the title of the movie,” says Mullin, whose next release, “Not MASH XXX,” is due out August 10th. “They never went at it with the same artistic eye that we do. We really wanted to recreate the TV experience of the viewer, and that’s something porn hasn’t done before. Just because it’s porn, there’s no reason it should be substandard. It has to be Hollywood-good.”

With budgets at around $70,000 and a three-day shooting schedule, you’d think that “Hollywood-good” artistic eye might be somewhat cloudy. Yet — judging by the trailers on YouTube — Mullen’s productions are more than just gym bodies in crooked wigs boffing it up in some cheap motel. They’re spot-on recreations with credible acting, sets that utterly recall the shows, and SNL-level funny (in a good way) in a realm where irony breeds unbridled with more irony. And eats its young.

“I believe our ‘Not The Bradys XXX’ is the most wholesome porn series in history,” offers Mullen, who adds “Not” to his titles for obvious legal reasons. The first of four in the dirty Brady canon debuted in 2007, with “Not The Bradys XXX: The Bradys Meet the Partridge Family.” (Marcia has a crush on Keith. Use your imagination).

None of this would work without actors whose skills transcend their genitals.

“The truth is there are some super talented people in adult [entertainment]” adds Mullen. “Some girls prefer to show up, get laid and leave in three hours, but there are others that come from artistic backgrounds, and want to act. They can sing, they can dance and they can have sex. Talk about a triple threat.”

Indeed. Can Lindsay Lohan say that?

The “Not” movies may be funny, even charming in their own curious, twisted way, but really, who’s buying this stuff? And why? Is the idea of watching the Huxtables, the Bradys — or Radar O’Reilly for that matter — banging away willy nilly actually arousing, or is it all a big joke that taints your warm childhood TV memories forever?

It’s hard to say. But with consumers of adult fare procuring what they crave for little or no money via computer, the XXX business has had to get creative; something that sparked X-Play’s “Not” line.

“No one under thirty is buying porn,” explains Mullen. “People that grew up with the Internet are not buying porn, they watch it for free on the net. The older shows appeal to people who still buy porn on line and in stores.”

The built-in resonance of evergreen shows like MASH and The Brady Bunch, then, is key. “I’d rather go for a show with an audience that spans multiple generations, instead of a show that’s new” adds Mullen. “I mean, how many generations have grown up with the Bradys?”

Apparently, it’s working for him: Mullen’s business plan has been a success. “The Brady Bunch outsells everything. It sold over 100,000, which is outrageously good. Porn numbers are different from Hollywood. I mean, 200,000 and there’d be a parade down Main Street.” Presumably in Chatsworth.

Whether you like what he does or not, Mullen is not stopping. And the well of sacred TV classics to defile is deep, indeed. One can only imagine the searing action in “Not” versions of “All In the Family,” “Leave It to Beaver,” or, God forbid, “Lassie.”

The director, however, sees it all as something else, a logical and honorable second life. “We love these shows,” he stresses. “I grew up with this stuff, and we do a good job with it, it’s an homage, if you will. We make wholesome family entertainment. As long as everybody in the family is over 18.”


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