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Jerry From Stardust Pays Another KSEX Visit

Porn Valley- The last time we saw Jerry from Stardust Industries,, he had more hair than Randy Moss and was getting his balls busted from KSEX’s Wankus for looking like a human chia pet. Then something happened. Jerry got a haircut and we caught him wearing a baseball cap – apparently an attempt at going incognito. Asked if he got the haircut because of the Wankus jibes, Jerry said he only gets it cut two times a year. “I’m Jewish when it comes to spending 12 bucks on a haircut and it grows like mine,” he laughs. “I think I used that Miracle Gro on it.”

Jerry says Wankus also asked him one night what side of the family he got his Chinese looks from. “I was like what? I’m part German and Mexican. But during my first visit I told Rainy [Lorrainiac on KSEX] I was Filipino which I’m not. Of course who remembers that night?”

With or without the haircut, it comes as no surprise that Jerry’s become a hot topic of conversation on KSEX shows. On practically every show he’s getting a mention or a reference to the products he sells on behalf of Stardust. To wit, Alana Evans mentioned Stardust on her show last week, Jerry noting that Evans appears in one of the Nasty Girls movies that was shot at Stardust last year which was directed by Henri Pachard. “She made reference to that,” says Jerry. And on Dee’s program, Dee apparently brought up Stardust’s de-sensitzer, Deep Throat, one of Dee’s co-hosts saying that he’d be afraid to spend a night at Jerry’s house.

Jerry can’t even imagine how many times now he’s been to KSEX but figures he guests at least once a week on one of the shows. His first appearance came on the Lorrainiac show during the AEE convention when everyone was in Vegas. “I guess I picked the right time for that- the right people were listening,” says Jerry whose subsequent visit to the show practically put him on the missing person’s blotter.

Just recently, Jerry was on Violet Blue’s show and some of the Stardust mind altering products practically put her in a coma. “And she’s used to a lot stronger stuff,” Jerry notes.

And with all the visits have come sales inquiries about Stardust from people unfamiliar to the company and vice versa. “We’re hearing from stores and customers who are going in asking about our products,” says Jerry. “Of course now we’ve got a couple of new distributors on the east coast because of the increased foot traffic and the inquiries. People are now taking a second look at us.”

The west coast is a different story. “We’ve always had kind of a strong presence here,”says Jerry. “It’s just never been positively reinforced. We’re kind of like the underground company who nobody hears about. And we’re changing that to a more positive aspect. We’re just making the consumer more aware of our product. It boils down to sales and by word of mouth we’ve been able to sustain it. Now we are broadening our customer base.”

Tonight, Jerry visits with Brooke Hunter and Don Hollywood during their KSEX show which airs at 9 pm. As always, Jerry will be armed with goodies.

The KSEX chatroom is also providing ample exposure for Stardust. Jerry mentions that Naughty Kitty, who posts often in the chatroom, has a website, “Naughty Kitty’s in London and she’s actually put our link up on her site so that gives us European exposure.” Jerry notes that Stardust products are distributed in Europe by Pabo. “They’re one of the leading manufacturers of adult enhancements and alternative items in Europe.”

Another product that’s going to be getting a big push, says Jerry, is Stardust’s Thong Shaver. “We’re really marketing that. Hustler has a buyers meeting this week and we’ve sent the shaver to them for the possibility of being distributed in their stores. So we’re looking to expand in different areas.”

But the company’s biggest item right now is the Deep Throat De-sensitizer, with its newly re-designed label, according to Jerry. By that, I took it to mean that there’s a lot of people sucking cock to which Jerry says, yeah, the gag reflex is something that proves an obstacle to newcomers but that the Deep Throat de-sensitizer gets you through it.

“We always get the question about the gag reflex and how do I keep from throwing up,” he says. “The Deep Throat would be used to numb the back of the throat.”

What people particularly like about the spray product, says Jerry, is that it’s unlike the creams which some companies offer. “Everybody always complains about the cream- when you put it on your hand and rub it on, it stays on your fingers. So a couple of hours later, when you’re eating you touch your fingers to your mouth, all of a sudden you’re numb again.”

On the flip side of the anatomy, anal de-sensitizers are offered in five different flavors, according to Jerry. “In case they want to lick it afterwards, I guess.”

The product also apparently comes in handy for women who may have divorced a six inch dick only now to face the prospects of taking ten inch cocks in their ass. “They can always use the de-sensitizer to help ease it,” says Jerry chuckling a devious chuckle thinking about what he’s just said.

Asked, if in his private life, he uses Stardust products, Jerry again chuckles. I hesitate to ask him which ones.


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