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Jerry From Stardust Visits KSEX

Porn Valley- While most of the industry was in Sin City last week getting Vegas voice, Lorrainiac who has a 10 pm week night show on KSEX, was getting her fancy tickled. Pretty much literally, as you’d gather from listening to the Friday night show which featured Jerry, the sales manager from Stardust Industries, a company that specializes in sexual enhancement products like breast maximizers, dick desensitizers, Tarzan vibrators and orgies in a bottle.

But you would have thought that Ziggy Stardust had landed in the middle of the KSEX studios judging by the acclaim from Rainy’s blue ribbon testing committee. “I have never seen guys get more excited about sex toys than the guys in the studio right now,” she said.

“You have a lot of things that are very man-oriented,” Rainy told Jerry. “I think that’s awesome.” Jerry said that’s the case so that men can pay attention to the women. “The woman in the end is the ultimate.” Then, again, Jerry had to admit he was divorced and that his ex, not necessarily the ultimate, is now living in Germany the beneficiary of a handsome settlement. “She will not have to work for a long time. But that’s a whole different story.”

In her last inventory, Rainy evidently came up short a pocket rocket, so Jerry, a long time listener of KSEX as well,. came in with enough boxes of goodies to keep a convent of cloistered nuns occupied. Penis pumps not withstanding, Jerry had those as well. Acknowledging that KSEX isn’t the easiest place to find, especially in the rain, not that Stardust Industries is exactly the Vegas strip, Jerry said he passed the building a couple of times before he found it. “You think radio, you’re looking for the antenna-thing.”

Jerry explained that the company has been around about eight years and is owned by Tommy Sinopoli. “A very well known guy in the industry,” says Jerry. For his part, Jerry came on board and is taking an active role in getting the company re-tooled. Acknowledging a slow down in adult novelties, Jerry said the market’s starting to pick up again. “Money was just so good. You know when you get a lot of money? You’d back off and other people would start running the company for you. Next thing you know…” Now that the dead wood is drifting in the seas on unemployment, Jerry says the company is getting more active in putting the Stardust name in front of the consumer.

Observing his inventory, Lorrainiac basically asked Jerry where he’s been her whole sexual life. She was talking about Jerry’s implements, however. “We primarily went through distributors,” he answered. “It’s just only recently they I started to hit the end-user direct market through the Internet.” It was suggested that some of Stardust’s products might hit the end user and not let go.

“We do video, we do novelties,” Jerry was saying. Rainy noted that one of the trannies in those movies had a dick that hangs down to her knees. “Her dick is like the size of a beer can and a half. The head of the penis smacks down to around her knees. His knees. I get so confused.”

A buzz coming over the loud speaker during the interviewer was one of the shavers at work which is named after Tabitha Stevens. “That’s primarily for all the private areas- the vaginal, the pubic area,” Jerry explained, noting that there’s also a line of shavers aimed at the male nose hair market and other aspects of the male anatomy as well. Rainy had to ask Jerry what “Woody” was all about. A couple of months ago you could have said it was someone who specialized in foreign licensing of adult product and have been correct. But that was before Woody Varner passed away. Jerry explained that Woody was a potent herbal Viagra.. “It’s a secret, SECRET formula,” said Jerry, as opposed to a secret formula one might suppose. “Stardust has been in the industry longer than anybody and has had this product on the market for eight years, I believe. It’s very popular.”

You’re supposed to take two capsules 30 minutes before sex, and Jerry discovered that, in his case, it worked for up to six hours. “Take a lot of vitamins,” is all Jerry would say if you contemplated using the product.


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