MIA FSC Board Member Christian Mann Located At Lambeau Field; Still No Hep C Answers

There are people who don’t like the rhetoric I use. They say I deal with people and issues in a harsh manner.

But when we are talking about serious issues like talent being exposed to hepatitis C and the leadership of the business doesn’t respond to allegations of hiding the hepatitis C status of Alex Gonz and the fact that leadership instead flies around the world and goes to football games instead of addressing these issues then there is a problem.

It’s like domestic terrorism. People mailing anthrax and people exposing 18-19 year old girls to deadly diseases. There’s not that much difference.

Speaking of terrorism, much like Osama Bin Laden, one of the people who has been missing in action during this whole hepatitis C debate has finally been flushed out. Christian Mann, one of the leaders of Free Speech Coalition, who is the de facto head of PASS, the talent testing system, has finally been located. Instead of hiding in a three story farmhouse in Pakistan surrounded by Arab girls armed to the teeth with assault rifles, Christian Mann has been found at Lambeau Field, hanging out with Frank Koretsky at the Packers/Bears game. Frank Koretsky, the billionaire owner of IVD and several other lucrative entities.

Christian Mann, who has been missing from the discussion of Alex Gonz, has been sitting there at a football game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin, enjoying Monday Night Football with his billionaire sidekick Frank Koretsky.

Jetsetting Frank Koretsky, flying from football game to football game with Christian Mann in tow.

Christian Mann’s not sitting there talking about hep C. He’s not talking about the fact that Derek Hay, with Alex Gonz, are pointing to him and Diane Duke as the perpetrators of what we’re calling Hep C Gate.

I know you guys are out there saying, “Rob, please. Tone the rhetoric down.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we haven’t heard anything from Free Speech Coalition and Christian Mann on the allegations that they let hepatitis C performers work in the adult business for well over three years, which could’ve resulted in the infections of hundreds of performers.

Instead of Christian Mann speaking and addressing these issues, two weeks have gone by, this busy person has been jetsetting and watching Monday Night Football and traveling across the globe to Germany and basically treating the health crisis in this industry as a fucking joke.

So if my rhetoric needs to be toned down, there I just did it. Use that as your fucking soundbite. How’s that?

You can’t deny it. You can’t say anything other than we have enormous problems with the testing system and you have the person who’s in charge of it flying around the world to watch football. And he’s doing it with the person who I’ve told you is one of the main people who is responsible for the destruction of this business and his name is Frank Koretsky.

You heard it from me, you heard it from other people. Former employees like Mike Savage. Horror stories. Even people who were his good friends, like John Cornetta. We’re talking lists of people that have worked for Frank Koretsky and are either suing him or have sued him.

We could go on down the list to sexual harassment lawsuits on down to a Hustler employee who worked in the lingerie department who got his face smashed down into a table by an employee of IVD at a party in Vegas thrown by Koretsky. That IVD employee’s name was Adam Hasner and this was done in front of Frank Koretsky.

That is the person flying around with Christian Mann going to Monday Night Football games and we have ladies walking around now in the adult business possibly carrying hepatitis C. The evil cocksucker who will sue you for $600, while he has profited from you for years and stolen millions from you.

Frank Koretsky, who will buy your product and then take four months to pay you. Then when you finally get them on the phone to beg for your four month old money, the controller Richard will tell you that you have to take an additional 10 to 20% taken off the tab to get paid. Oh, and by the way, we’re returning $25,000 worth of product that they try to get full price for even though they paid catalog special prices some five months before.

So Christian Mann’s sitting there at Lambeau Field with Free Speech Coalition money and Frank Koretsky’s sitting there with the entire industry’s money!

And they’re watching Monday Night Football while the entire talent pool of the industry could be infected with hepatitis C.

Now Frank Koretsky is just pure evil. We all know that when Frank Kopretsky does a deal with you on Monday, the deal changes on Tuesday, he fucks you on Wednesday and on Thursday he tells everybody that it’s your fault. That you fucked him. Because everybody fucks him, because he’s just poor Frank Koretsky. He’s just so abused.

Could it be because you’re a complete and utter piece of shit? Could it be because you rob and steal and do nothing for the people of this business except figure out ways to fuck them over?

Christian Mann and Frank Koretsky are at Lambeau Field watching the Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears. Must be nice.

Then you have Mike Kulich, a man who says he learned everything from Frank Koretsky and the IVD machine telling everybody I am your savior, because I trained under the watchful tutelage of the great Frank Koretsky.

Even though the state regulations say that producers are required to pay for talent testing, Kulich says we’re gonna barter 15 DVD’s in lieu of these required testing fees, because us owners, us producers, we don’t have the money that you all think. These owners are broke and destitute according to Mike Kulich.

So all of you talent need to stop complaining and take the $7.50 worth of useless plastic and take it to that shitty market that has lost 75% of its profitability according to you. You need to take those DVD’s and try to sell them.

Doesn’t that just sound awesome for Mike Kulich? And the guy who he said he learned all his business skill from is flying around on his jet going to football games. Doesn’t seem too broke to me Mike Kulich.

You’re telling everybody that the owners are all broke. Yet the owner of Pure Play Media, Baci Lingerie, East Coast News, IVD, Vantage Distribution, DreamZone, etc. THAT guy is in a private jet with the Vice President of Evil Angel and board member of Free Speech Coalition Christian Mann and Evil Angel is the number one gonzo company in the business.

They, Mike Kulich, who you say are all broke, are sitting there, not at a bar, not at each others houses, they are there at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

That is where the broke establishment of the business are, that want all of you talent to take DVD’s to pay for your tests in lieu of cash.

Mike Kulich, who I believe IS broke, but the people that you work for, they’re definitely not broke. They are swimming with fucking millions. They are talking a private jet to go see Monday Night Football. I’m not talking about taking a Southwest $59 flight and sitting in the nosebleed seats in shithole Oakland watching the worst team in the league and you’ve got $20 tickets from Stub Hub and you get a couple eight balls, get completely wired and cheer like assholes and get into fights.

That’s not what they did. They took an airplane, a private jet and they flew to Wisconsin. Guys, that’s not Oakland. That’s not San Diego. It’s fucking Wisconsin! Do you know where Wisconsin is? It’s pretty fucking far out there!

You’re talking the Green Bay Packers. You’re talking Da Bears. You’re talking about a rivalry. You’re not talking about cheap tickets.

And we’re led to believe that these owners are poor. Broke. Destitute.

Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Gonz is walking around swimming with hep C. You have Derek Hay telling people that Christian Mann let Alex Gonz potentially infect hundred of girls with hepatitis C. You have girls who believe in Christian Mann and a testing system that has failed them. It failed Cameron Bay. It failed all the girls running around with doctors notes who’ve been dosed with syphilis from Mr. Marcus.

That system is responsible for this entire mess. And it’s been two full weeks. Two full weeks and we have not heard one word from Christian Mann and not one word from Diane Duke.

And Christian Mann has been jetsetting this whole time flying around watching football games, having a good old time with Frank Koretsky.

When I talk about the power structure of this business and how it will never change with the people in charge and how it’s incestuous and corrupt, people find it hard to believe me.

If you don’t believe me, will you believe Christian Mann’s Facebook? Because it’s all there ladies and gentlemen. www.facebook.com/christian.mann.737?fref=ts

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