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Mike Davis: Spallone the Deadbeat Dad

Porn Valley- WANKUS on KSEX, WWW.KSEXRADIO.COM Wednesday night read the following e-mail which he received from Mike Davis, a former business partner of Rob Spallone’s in a company called Lowdown.

Davis writes: Rob Spallone Stole 75,000.00 from a company I invested in with him (Lowdown).Two years ago he robbed Jimmy D from his equipment and other stuff. He terrorizes AIM, he basically got kick loose from ever doing the Sapornos or working with VCA/LFP, Larry Flynt had to send him a message to shut the fuck up. He beat his wife and went to anger management.The guy claims to be a stand up guy, he even threaten our silent partner and extorted another 15k from a German investor. I’d love to confront him on your show, Im not like that that other guy the Qazar man from that company who was scared of Rob when you had them both on the show last year. I think Rob pulled the guys hair and tried to intimidate him. I want to choke Rob Spallone the tough guy out right on your show. We should have the tough guy sign a release so no body get’s sued, he’s tough right? I will sign a release as well. This is a long time coming. I think Spike TV has an Ultimate Challenge show. Your ratings will rocket, everyone hate’s Spallone and he has been terrorizing the industry for years saying: “Fuckem what’s anyone gonna do!!!!”

“Let’s set it up on your show, no rules rules, gloves,no gloves, anyway anywhere I will be there to shut that fuckin Italian fuck up once and for all. I think Larry Flynt’s BodyGuard Doug came by to try to talk some sense into Spallone but apparently was scared of Rob too. This guy has gotten away with too much crap for too long. It’s about time he be shut up publicly once and for all. He is a self proclaimed wiseguy of Porn, let’s get it on. I also have a pending lawsuit against Spallone, but Spallone really has no assets, I’d much rather settle the matter on your show physically since Rob has no money and is Broke, no wounder he robs everybody he come in contact with!!!!!!!

“See if you can set this up on your show Im game anytime. then got a response from Spallone who called Davis a rat and that he, Spallone, doesn’t deal with rats.

“There’s nothing lower than a rat,” Spallone replied. “He went to the cops. He went to my wife. I never beat my wife. I never stole anything from anybody in the business. If anybody in the business can say that I stole from them, tell them to call me and I will give them ten times the amount they said I stole.” Spallone also claims that he never robbed JimmyD of his equipment urging one and all to call Jimmy D for verification.

Spallone also said he wasn’t going to confront Davis on KSEX. “I ain’t going to jail for this kid. His lawyer already called me.” Spallone also denied that Flynt’s bodyguards attempted to shut him up and also denied allegations that he beat his wife.

According to Spallone, Davis is still carrying sour grapes from a magazine investment that went bad. “He [Davis] lost a million something dollars,” Spallone said. “He’s a trust fund baby. He inherited property. He ruined that. He’s not a good businessman. I told him to get out [of Lowdown] when I got out. He wouldn’t listen.”

Spallone went on to say that Davis met Davis via Kat Kleavage during a trick session, claiming that Davis beat up Kleavage. “He used to choke her and beat her up. That’s what he does to his women. Check his background.” Spallone also says that Davis bought him out, that Davis never held up his end during their eight month partnership.

Davis, asked to respond to Spallone’s comments, insisted that Spallone beats his wife, claiming that Spallone was arrested by the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department.

According to Davis, Spallone pleaded no contest received anger management and probation and is late on child support payments. Davis also claims that Spallone’s wife refers to him as “the deadbeat dad” and that Spallone rips off Legend on production deals. “But Rob rips off everyone he comes in contact with.”

Davis also make allegations that Spallone loans money to a doctor with a gambling problem and engages in loan sharking, as a consequence. According to Davis, who stresses that he’s no longer in the adult business, all his charges can be supported



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