President Obama Opens A Can Of Whoop Ass On ISIS Militants In Iraq

We’re back on track. Back to talking about things that matter.

Yesterday we discussed a coupla porn related items. One item was an update on the Katie Summers v. John Stagliano lawsuit and the other was about a complaint filed with Nevada OSHA by AIDS Healthcare Foundation against and its loudmouth owner Peter Acworth. I said we would only talk about porn when it was relevant and interesting and considering that both of those stories were also covered in the mainstream press, I thought they were worthy of discussion on The Rob Black Show. They weren’t stories about a press release for a dildo or some idiotic adult performer campaign, they were real news.

Now let’s back to some other real news.

The United States is bombing a country again. The US is bombing ISIS, a Sunni group that has been wreaking havoc in Iraq and is trying to turn it into an Islamic state. They have been gaining a lot of traction in Iraq. You remember Iraq. It was a country that was ruled by a dictator named Saddam Hussein. He kept the radicals in line with ruthless tyranny. He wasn’t really a threat to the US. Every once in a while when he got out of line, we had to give him a little slap, but for the most part Iraq was kept in check.

This all unraveled when a man by the name of George W. Bush decided to lie to the American people after 9/11 and claim that Saddam was responsible for the attacks and also had weapons of mass destruction and was ready to unleash their fury upon our country. The Bush administration whipped this country into a frenzy and we told him to go in and get the man responsible for 9/11. Once people came out of their 9/11 grief fog, they started to realize that the Iraq War didn’t make sense. Where were the weapons of mass destruction? Shouldn’t Saddam be unleashing them?

Lo and behold, there were no weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein wasn’t responsible for 9/11. He was no different than any number of rulers in that region, a tyrant. A dictator who kept his people in line with brutal methods. The uprisings and other mischief were kept in check and the country ran smoothly for the most part. If you opposed the Sunni dictator, life could be a little rough. You wouldn’t like it none too much. But if you towed the line and followed Saddam Hussein, life was pretty good.

We went into Iraq for the sole purpose of making George W. Bush and particularly Dick Cheney’s friends rich. They made defense contractors and companies like Halliburton wealthier than ever. At the end of the day, Saddam Hussein was captured and executed and we installed a government controlled by the US and headed by a man named Nouri al-Maliki. Maliki, a Shiite, became the Prime Minister of Iraq and we liked him because he seemed to do what we told him to do. Of course, as soon as he gained power he did many of the nefarious things Saddam was accused of doing, suppressing Sunnis with violent means and he left them out of the political process. Maliki ran death squads and did many of the things that Saddam did to keep Shias and other dissidents down. But ultimately, Maliki did a worse job, as he was unable to keep control of all of the other parties and keep them from getting out of hand.

So guess what? Iraq has fallen into a civil war between the Sunnis and the Shias and now a Sunni group called ISIS has popped up and is battling the Maliki government. ISIS has been ripping through Iraq and beating the shit out of the Iraqi security forces. They have been going in and devastating the Iraqi forces and taking their weapons, which are our weapons. You have ISIS rolling through Iraq with US military hardware, US rocket launchers, US tanks. We are basically fighting ourselves. You now have Muslim radicals in US military gear and they are shooting at us. The ISIS group is going through Iraq and toppling various military installations that the Maliki government is supposed to have control of, so what we have is something worse than a civil war. The Iraqi forces have proven ineffective and many have abandoned their posts and shed their uniforms and refuse to fight.

ISIS has now advanced to right outside the Kurdish capital of Erbil. President Obama has authorized military strikes against the ISIS military installations. Our awesome fighter pilots have gone in there to bomb the shit out of them. The US has about 150 military advisors and an unknown number of diplomats in Erbil and Obama is not gonna let it turn into another Benghazi. There is also a tribe of Yazidi, a religious sect who are stranded on a mountain surrounded my ISIS militants who threaten them with death if they do not convert to Islam. The Yazidi are a peaceful people who don’t bother anybody and just want to live their lives.

The US went in there and bombed ISIS and their military facilities and have delivered humanitarian aid to the Yazidi. So they are keeping US military advisors and diplomats safe and are helping the Yazidi not starve to death and there are thousands of them trapped on this mountain. It’s pretty sad.

So that’s the latest news on Iraq. I’ve heard people say, “Are we back in Iraq?” No, we’re not back. There are no boots on the ground. No soldiers fighting face to face. We are doing precision airstrikes with the greatest military force in the world. We are not going back to Iraq because it’s up to the Iraqis to govern themselves. We are going in to protect US personnel that are stationed there and the Yazidi are getting the benefit of our presence. If it were just about protecting the Yazidi, we would not and should not have gone in.

We cannot be the police force for the world. That is what has gotten us in this mess in the first place. We did not intervene in Gaza or in Nigeria with Boko Haram, nor should we have. There are women and children who are caught in the middle of conflicts all over the world, but it is not up to us to protect them all. Many of the casualties in the latest Israel/Hamas skirmish were women and children, but the US is not obliged to interfere.

This government in Iraq has to form itself. It has to create its own stability. The Sunnis, Shia and Kurds need to figure out a way to get along and they have to govern together. They need to have a military that wants to fight for them The people have to want to keep their country safe. Until that happens, they will have what they have now, a civil war. We can only get involved when our people are threatened. I would advise the president to pull all of our people out of Iraq and let them battle it out. Whoever is left in power is who we deal with.

We deal with tyrants all over the globe, the biggest one being Vladimir Putin. We are told by the media that they have elections, but Russia still remains a Communist dictatorship. We deal with tyrants all the time, so we need to let Iraq fall where it falls and deal with the people who are left in charge.

Then if they don’t get in line we bomb em.

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