Profile Of A Save-A-Ho: @StevenLacey

This bald headed save-a-ho, @StevenLacey decided to defend a washed up old whore in the comment section of a recent article here and so we will return the favor and dedicate an entire article just to him.


With an embarrassing low follower count of less than 200 to show for nearly a decade on Twitter, Steven describes himself this way:

Novelist, geek, gamer, movie buff, two-fisted-scientist, and Co-host of the all-things-film-related podcast, available via iTunes.

The Charleston, South Carolina product actually scolded our Twitter account @generossisback when the account AUTO-TWEETED the article yesterday and then commented on the article scolding the author. His tweet set off a discussion between him and fat old feminist @pinkness that saw her threaten legal action and call us “White dudes on the internet.” We have made a challenge to her to travel into a black ghetto and capture video of her experience. Of course these challenges have been ignored because none of these liberals would mingle with blacks for even an hour much less live in their neighborhoods.  And yes, we wish death on those that support terrorist hate groups. The blacks that you defend are LAUGHING AT YOU!


As always, our comment section welcomes all views unlike these “tolerant” liberals. If we made these statements to these people on Twitter, we would be swiftly blocked and reported for having a different viewpoint. As for legal action, this site has been threatened before to no avail as we’re not based in the U.S. and not subject to your laws. Sorry.


By the way, in  typical libtard fashion, she’s looking for free services to sue this site. Stop looking for handouts, you fucking loser and pay for your own attorney. The result will be the same and you won’t be able to do a damn thing to this site but at least you could salvage what little dignity you have left by knowing that you actually paid for something for once instead of having it handed to you.




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  1. Thanks for the write up on this obnoxious man-child.
    I was able to read over half of it, which is more than many can say about Steven’s written works.

    Just one correction: Steven is not a “Charleston, South Carolina product”. He is one of many transplants who devote much time trying to turn Charleston, South Carolina into the place they ran away from. It is quite a phenomenon- one southerners would benefit from having detailed in a blog of your caliber.

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