Right on cue, another mudshark gets the shit beat out of her…

Well, well, well, we were just speaking about this and what do you know, another mudshark bites the dust and gets battered by her black boyfriend. Then she takes to Instagram to get sympathy. A GoFundMe campaign can’t be far behind. Choose a better boyfriend next time, dear, i.e., a white one. Oh, the negro in question is Dallas Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliot, and his dumb wigger fans are already coming to his rescue and claiming he was framed. These twirps are the next ones that will be the victims of black on white crime and deservedly so.


This dumb bitch, who goes by the name Tiffany Thompson, claims this chimp has been beating her “for months.” See this is what happens when a girl is not raised correctly and has absolutely no respect for herself. Most likely she had no father in the house because he wouldn’t raise his daughter to become a mudshark and victim. Her whore of a mother was probably liberal and “tolerant” of these dumb monkeys and look where it got her kid. Dumb whore.


Why would anyone listen to a “pep-talk” from this worthless whore and “You’re better than this” when she took the abuse for months and did nothing about it? Why not come right out and tell girls not to date black guys? Of course, you’ll get a lot of shit for it not just from blacks but PC morons but who cares? Look where being PC got you. If you save a few girls from being murdered by one of these animals, it was worth it. And none of the cucks that are going to give you shit would ever live among these animals. They sip their lattes in the nice part of town while complaining that the black man is oppressed. Bullshit. Ignore the cancerous liberals and do what is right.





Even black hookers off Backpage won’t see black clients. You don’t see this happening a lot to black women and it’s because they know better. They know their men are animals and they don’t become victims of these pieces of shit. You “Tolerant” cucks are getting exactly what you deserve by thinking it’s hip and cool to go off and fuck one of these monkeys. You think it’s cool to be seen with your pet chimp and think he’s a status symbol, especially these violent NFL players. Well, you got exactly what was coming to you. The rest of you assholes that are thinking of doing the same or protesting with these animals for causes that don’t affect you, when they turn on you and chimp out on you, do not be surprised and don’t go looking for sympathy.



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