Rob Black Asks : Who Are The Leaders Who Can Make Change?

Let me ask you this. Three questions.

Number one. I have been told that I need to support people that are in the business right now who can actually make real change.

Since apparently I can’t make real change, and there’s actually a couple of people in the business that I need to support, can you tell me who those people are?

Can you tell me who those people are? Or are you gonna keep that a secret?

I have been told that there are a couple of people on the business that I need to support because no one will listen to me. I need to know who they are. That’s question number one.

Question number two. There are people that I need to get support from and I call them retards. I call them names. I am told that they will never support them if I call them retards. So I need to know who the people are that say they would support Rob Black if he didn’t call me a retard. That’s the second question. Actually it’s a two tiered question. Why would anybody want to follow anybody who they presume is a retard?

I would love to know who these people are who have such sensitive feelings. Oh, I forgot we’re in the age of “bullying” 40 year old millionaires. But I digress.

The third question is one I have is for a woman known as Charity Bangs who has come up with an awesome plan. She is working with some awesome men to devise this awesome plan.

Her awesome plan hinges on a very important factor that she doesn’t seem to want to answer either. She says an advisory board of industry leaders will be the people who will be controlling the testing. They be the ones who find out from the clinics who are the first and second generation exposures after a disease outbreak. They will the ones who will weed out the information and disseminate it out to all the performers.

So her idea is this advisory board of industry leaders. My question to her in an email and now publicly is who sits on the advisory board? Her plan that she wants everyone to get behind is an advisory board of industry leaders. Who is on this advisory board and who are the industry leaders?

Now when I pressed on this issue, she goes, “Uh, uh Vivid?” Really? Marci Hirsch? She sits on the FSC board now. “Uh, uh, Brazzers?” Manfuck? They control the testing system now. “Uh, uh, LATATA?” Derek Hey? The hepatitis C guy?

When you come up with an idea or proposal you need to have answers to the key points. If you’re not one of these pussies who hide behind keyboards with a fake name and actually identify yourself and someone asks pertinent questions, you can’t then go, “If you’re gonna be mean about it, I’m not going to discuss it.”

Why is it being mean to expect someone who has an awesome plan to immediately be able to answer questions about important issues like an advisory board? If you’re not able to answer questions, it means you’re not a leader and your plan sucks.

You all need to grow up. The real world is not the fuck business. The real world is not “I need to make money. Let me call someone and suck their dick.” The real world is not, “I propose rainbows and unicorns!” And then it happens.

Outside of this porn bubble that you all live in is a cold, cruel place and it’s called the real world.

You get upset because you come up with a stupid idea and Rob Black says it’s stupid? You people need to grow the fuck up.

If I have any legacy in this business I hope it is to bring people out of this apologetic, pussified era. It’s one to to be a dick and it’s another thing to be a passive pussy. It’s one thing to be a bully and pick on defenseless people and another to strongly question issues raised by adults.

I hope I can bring people out of this weak, pansified notion where you’re afraid to speak your mind because you’re afraid of being labeled as a bully. Instead these people hide behind keyboards anonymously because they don’t have the balls to identify themselves.

They hide because they are afraid that people will say they are wrong and they will be scolded like kids. So in turn they act like kids and they hide.

When the real men in this business disappeared, all these little kids came out. All these little kids are part of a generation now that says, I’m a 35 year old millionaire and I’m being bullied.

What’s bullying? When someone yells at you? No.

I am somebody who can speak on this from all sides of the equation. I had braces. I had braces and had to wear fucking headgear for about a month at school.

I remember being on a bus in third grade and all the kids laugh and point to me and say your dad was on TV and he’s going to jail. You dad is a piece of shit. Is that bullying? I would think so.

A big kid picking on a fat kid saying he’s got man tits and he’s gonna beat him up after school, I think it’s the same as having 45 kids on a bus tell you that your dad is a drug dealing gangster and you’re hysterically crying. It’s all over the Rochester newspapers, TV news, you name it. All about the girlfriend, a pipeline from Miami, association with nefarious underworld figures. 45 kids pointing and laughing. Is that bullying ? You tell me.

If I were to beat up all 45 kids on the bus, would that be the right way to handle the situation? You tell me.

We all deal with this stuff differently. Kids are kids. They’re assholes sometimes. A kid who kills himself because someone is mean to him on the internet is perplexing to me. And people say if we didn’t have the internet this wouldn’t happen. A guys kill his wife and puts the pictures on Facebook and people go oh my god, they’re killing women. Assholes have been killing women for a while now, people seem to think it’s a new thing. It’s because everyone’s getting their information immediately and don’t take the time to look at the issues and see why shit happens.

What is bullying? It is something a child does.

What do you think happens in the military? Men are being trained to go out and sacrifice their lives to defend this country. Do you think the boot camp instructors aren’t calling some black citizen recruit every fucking racial epithet in the book? You don’t think that’s going on? That’s not bullying.

You don’t think that Seal Team Six, the guys that got Bin Laden, you don’t think those guys were bullied and abused and belittled by their trainers and commanders? They were preparing those guys for the day that they were to go out and get the number one terrorist, who destroyed the lives of thousands of people on 9/11.

These guys crashed a helicopter. They had the training and reaction skills necessary to deal with that situation and still get Bin Laden, get back on another helicopter and fly out and go dump his fucking body in the ocean. That’s what they got from their “bullying” at the Seal Team boot camp.

They bullied the shit out of Bin Laden.

Whether it’s football, boxing or military. When your job is to basically go out and bully your opponent and to prepare you for that, you bully your team mates because they are the ones who you practice on to bully your nemesis, don’t sit there and cry about being sensitive and getting your feeings hurt because you’re being bullied.

Bullying is not what’s going on with Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. A football field is not a “workplace.” It’s just not. Safety’s one thing. But this is two guys, one saying to the other, “I need to get you pumped. The last game, where we have our 50 million dollar quarterback, you let three sacks in. You’re weak. It that happens again and our quarterback breaks his leg and we don’t go to the Superbowl, you’re gonna cost this organization about a billion dollars.”

“If you don’t stand up to the lineman coming at you and protect our quarterback, when we get back to the locker room, me and the entire team are going to gang rape you. And your mother. You got that?”

“OK? Let’s go.”

Guys, that’s reality.

And reality is what this business needs a big dose of. Cold, hard reality.

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