Rob Black Discusses The XBIZ Article On Condoms

From the 10/16/13 episode of LATE NIGHT with Rob Black

“XBIZ printed an article about condoms ‘Porn & Condoms: Adult Industry Stands Divided’ You gotta fucking read this you guys.”

“They’ve got a bunch of interviews including Porno Dan. You got to listen to this moron. It’s pathetically, retardedly, hysterically funny. It’s so long, I gotta just read you this one part:

“Dan Leal starts talking about his awesome Fuck A Fan which ‘pairs male fans with professional female performers for live sex scene’ You know. Prostitution under the guise of making a film. Great.”

Dan says:

‘From the standpoint of the fans as performers, they didn’t have a history of [testing] panels like a normal performer would have,” Leal said. “Then I always had condoms on set for performers and very few chose to use condoms. It was rare.” 

“Do you realize he just said that fans would fuck female talent without tests or condoms? Wow. I guess we know now why they got busted. That might be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. Wow. I don’t know what even to say about that.”

He said that his decision really wasn’t even his to make.

” Yeah because you got busted. XBIZ didn’t mention that.”

“It was we’re following the law. The law requires for us to use condoms,” Leal said. “And our stuff is simulcast on television, so there is no way to circumvent it, no way to play hide-and-seek like some other producers.”

Leal added, ‘I understand both sides of the argument. I listen to performers. It’s just like wearing your seatbelt while driving. It’s not an option. Technically, everyone anywhere in the state of California is supposed to use condoms if they’re making adult content for profit.’

“OK so far you’re just repeating what I’ve been saying. OK you’re learning.


“Given the language of Section 5193, the adult industry’s policy should be to “comply with the law or seek a variance from the Standards Board,” Peter Riley, manager of Cal/OSHA’s Region III, told XBIZ.”

“Here’s the comedy part:

“Leal said at post time he has been working closely with his attorney Michael Fattorosi on drafting a variance to change the language of Section 5193 in a way that would benefit the entire adult industry.”

“We’re getting closer to coming up with a compromise that is livable for everyone,” Leal said. “Part of the variance is producers would not be required to use condoms for oral sex.”

“Wow, everybody. I don’t know Porno Dan and Mike Fatorossi work working with the State of California and drafting up laws. WOW! I never knew this. Did you? And what is it they’re working on? Not wearing rubbers for blowjobs.”

“It’s already in there you morons! You fucking guys. Mike Fatorossi have you been to Oakland? Have you met with AIDS Healthcare Foundation? Have you been sitting there with Cal/OSHA? Are you fucking for real? FUCK!”

“Dan Leal. I commend you for wearing rubbers. I commend you for using the seatbelt analogy. You watch my show.”

“But shut your fucking mouth. You and Fatorossi ain’t drafting shit up. You two are the bottom feeding scum of this fucking business. It’s fucking pathetic. Drafting up legislation. You’re drafting up my balls.”

“You’ve got to read this article. It’s just amazing. You’ve got interviews from Tom Byron saying we should have condoms. Alana Evans saying condoms but there should be a choice. Yeah OK.”

“Then you got Larry Flynt saying no condoms they don’t sell. And if you want condoms you’re not going to have a sellable product so go fuck yourself.”

“Then you got Steve Orenstein saying yeah we use condoms. We’re hugely successful and make tons of money. But we don’t tell people how to run their business. Thank you and goodnight.”

“Nina Hartley’s the best. Nina Hartley claims to be a registered nurse. Hartley says:

“If a performer would feel more comfortable in a scene and therefore more free, I want them to be able to choose condoms without there being negative repercussions, vis-à-vis future employment by that company,” “If a performer feels more comfortable not using condoms in a particular movie or with a particular partner, then the performer should not be required to use them because of company policy.”

‘As well, it makes no medical sense, nor does it dramatically increase performer safety to mandate condoms when a performer does not want to use them.’

“WHAT THE FUCK?!! It’s the same Nina Hartley dribble. How does a medical nurse say it makes no medical sense to wear a condom? Are you fucking for real? Come on! I thought she was smart.”

“If my mom who is a registered nurse were here she would say ‘Nina how can you say it makes no medical sense to wear a condom. What school did you graduate from?’

“Nina also says condoms do not DRAMATICALLY increase performer safety. Note she didn’t say that they DON’T increase performer safety. So she condoms help, but they don’t that much. She can play with words but she can’t admit that condoms don’t protect from disease. Do condoms increase safety or not? Yes or no? Yes? Then that’s it. Argument over. ‘But not dramatically’ Thank you Nina that will be all.”

She also says:

‘Between 1998 and 2012, porn had two documented cases of on-set transmission of HIV, while L.A. County had 30,000 new cases.”

“Again more bullshit. Two cases? Tricia Devereaux, Marc Wallice, Brooke Ashley, Caroline, Kimberly Jade. Merissa Arroyo, Lara Roxxx, Jessica Dee, Darren James, Derrick Burts. Let me see, have I missed anybody? All these people caught the bug in the business. For a person who is supposed to be educated and a nurse you’re not very good at math.”

“You have Tristan Taormino saying honest things. You have Tom Byron of course saying honest things.”

“Then you have Alana Evans saying I believe in condoms. That’s my personal choice but I don’t feel it should be mandated and it should be up to performers.”

“That is once again a bullshit condom neutral stance. If you had to go in a booth tomorrow and vote mandatory condoms or not which way would you vote. Because I’m not real sure unless this was just a way to get your name in an article and you say absolutely nothing. C’mon it’s a fucking joke.”

Here’s Steve Orenstein’s big thing:

‘Wicked has been condom mandatory for 14 years Regardless of that, I have never said what anyone else should choose to do with their company. That hasn’t changed.’

“It’s like if five other companies are dumping hazardous chemicals in the water and you say, well I don’t do that. But those other guys are my buddies and they can do what they want.”

“Steve Orenstein is a hypocrite. He’s been mandatory condoms for 14 years, but he would never tell other people what to do.”

“So you yourself feel morally obligated to protect workers safety and you feel that strong inside that you’ve never wavered from a condom policy but you support other companies that treat performers the way you have fought against for almost two decades? What kind of person does that say you are?”

“Then you look at this idiot Glenn King.”

From the article:

‘Glenn King, a producer/director who owns Mean Bitches Productions which is distributed by gonzo porn heavyweight Evil Angel, told XBIZ he requires condoms in every scene that involves intercourse. But if they were not mandated by law, King would offer performers a choice.
“Like any small business, we try to make our best efforts to abide by all laws,” King said, adding that condoms are not good for his bottom line.’

“Glenn King says we’re gonna TRY to obey the law. Who lets this moron open his mouth?”

I love this part:

“My preference would be to tell the performers before each scene, ‘My recommendation and the recommendation of OSHA today is that you use condoms in this scene. It will provide a higher level of safety for you. But as performers, it is your choice. If you want to decline this protection, sign here.’ And then they would sign a document acknowledging that it’s their decision. Of course, both performers would have to decline for us to shoot the scene without condoms.”

“So Glenn King, as far as performer safety and regulation you want that to up to you privately and a brain dead porn dude and a 19 year old girl. What if the girl wants to wear a condom and the other talent doesn’t? Glenn says they both have to agree. If they both don’t agree do they cancel the scene? How is it performer choice when there has to be a unanimous decision?”

“This is another example of men trying to control women’s bodies. So Glenn King is gonna get with a girl privately and have her sign a compliance paper. Kinda like Hey sign this paper that says you’re going to sign off on using condoms. Go ahead bitch.”

“Glenn King so you have a piece of paper with your and everyone’s signature and everything’s cool and you’re OK with choice. But that’s a lie. You’re saying that you would like to give everybody a choice but that’s a lie. Because you say condoms are bad for the bottom line.”

“And like any small business owner you TRY to abide by all the laws. It’s somebody dumping toxic waste into the river and when the police come down you say hey bro we TRIED not to do that! So what? A law here, a law there gets broken, but hey we TRIED. We don’t have to obey all the laws as long as we try and if we try then everybody says it’s cool.”

“If you go to a small town and you go to a business they don’t say we try to follow the laws. They follow the fucking laws!”

“I should’ve told Judge Lancaster before I got sentenced that I TRIED to not fight this for the last eight years. Can I go home now?”

“Then you got Ivan. XBIZ could you get any lower on the bottom of the barrel?”

‘Ivan, a veteran producer/director, told XBIZ that condom use “should be really up to the performers but producers as well.”
“For years, all I’ve been told by my ‘gonzo’ company bosses is that condoms in gonzo porn will kill sales,” Ivan said. “It’s true, gonzo and porn in general is a naughty fantasy. It’s not so naughty and dirty and risque if it has a condom on it.’

“The problem is nobody tries to be a film maker. If I recall, Ivan shot Gia Paloma running around with dildoes. You push a record button and go ok come out of the bathroom, come over to the couch, here’s Mark Davis…”

“People like Ivan who makes bottom of the barrel crap can’t fathom that they would actually have to think and be creative and make porn that is compelling with condoms”

And then of course the other heavy power hitter Miles Long:

‘Veteran director/performer Miles Long thinks that any policy on condoms “should be determined by our industry and the people in it.”
“One of the things I have always noticed about government policy is that it always seems to be written by people who have nothing to do with the industry that the policy is supposed to regulate,” Long told XBIZ. “To me, that seems to be the worst common-sense way to implement any policy. That’s like having a layperson tell racecar drivers what is safe for them to do or not do on a track. They don’t have the experience or the knowledge to offer any guidance or make any determination on what should or shouldn’t happen.’

“Again with the racecar drivers. Man, they are so regulated up the ass. And right now the whole industry is debating the condom policies. Where the fuck have you been? There have been people from both sides visiting each other.”

“The government is bad when you fight the government. Because trust me, they always win. The government is good when you work with them. Like we should have worked with them and Cal/OSHA.”

“See here’s the pathetic thing guys. If we had worked with the government we would have been allowed to self regulate. If we had gotten in bed with each other and sucked each each others dicks and played nice we wouldn’t have them up our fucking ass.”

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