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Sean Looks at The Week of 11/21/2010 in Review; Who Gets the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots Award?

Sean from writes: AdultFYI goes out of its way to bring you the latest from the World of stupid…

The Jackie Chiles Attorney at Law award goes to Capri Anderson’s attorney, Keith M. Davidson.

A story was reported this week that the attorney Capri hired to help her mine Charlie Sheen’s wallet for a fat settlement had his law license suspended for 90 days. Apparently he was cited for misconduct although what kind of misconduct wasn’t exactly specified.

After reading the stories about Capri filing suit against Uncle Charlie and then having his attorneys claim extortion, I can only speculate that Davidson’s law license was suspended because he was chasing ambulances too closely.

The Rock’em Sock’em Robots award goes to Mike South and Paul Fishbein.

I hate to read about two people I respect having a conflict with each other. It rips my heart out. It really does. Therefore I found it quite sadder than sad to read the exchange these two venerated industry icons had this week.

The battle of wits began with South pontificating about how David Aaron Clark was not in AVN’s illustrious Hall of Fame: that being the same hall that elected Traci Lords for her performances as an under age porn star back in the 1980s.

South thundered that it was a travesty that AVN would induct Jules Jordan because South wrote: Jules Jordan has harmed the very industry that is honoring him. He has been putting money into and supporting the biggest content thieves on earth.

Taking umbrage to South’s attack on AVN’s good name and character, Fishbein fired off a response: Are you calling me a scumbag? Jules, who fights piracy? Do you even know what you are talking about?

South responds with a roundhouse punch: Jules doesnt fight piracy he supports it. Jules is just another fucking lowlife who sells out the few honest people in this biz on a daily basis fuck him and fuck AVN for aiding and abetting him…. [Ouch! That one had to have left a mark.]

Still fighting after that standing eight-count, Fishbein scores with a few body shots: OK you can think what you want but this time you are actually clueless. You don’t live and work here…just take your shots from down south where you shoot girls taking bukkake baths. ….so we are scumbags. Why act like my friend the other 364 days a year?

After being examined by the fight doctor Ferdy Pacheco, South continues his barrage: AVNs history with internet lowlifes is well known in the internet circles do I have to remind you about Adult Friend Finder… What happened to you guys man?

After reviewing the scorecards from our judges, it would appear the war of words ended in a draw.

A Dope and His Money are Soon Parted award goes to Ryan McNames.

Ryan decided to fulfill a lot of men’s fantasies by having a sexual encounter with two women at the same time. Hey, the price was right: $60 for a blowjob from one babe while the other showed him her breasts. Okay, it wasn’t an official ménage à trios, but with this economy one can only afford so much.

As it turned out, Ryan was ripped off: one woman gave him a quick tittie flash while the other woman took his money and they both sped away leaving Ryan outraged.

His next bright move was contacting police to request that they find these two women and return his $40. I guess he figured that tittie flash was worth $20 and police double as pimps. He informed the police that he did understand that is was illegal to pay for sex to which the police arrested him for patronizing a hooker.


> Private Media Group Makes it To the Top of the Top Five Losers at NASDAQ List – Currently is trading at a price of $1.21. Read the story here:

> Jobless Mexicana Stewardesses Resort To Sexy Calendar [Escorting’s Always a More Profitable Option] – “The goal was to try to help ourselves because we lost everything overnight,” said one of the women, 26-year-old Maribel Zavala. I understand some guy in Missouri is paying $60 for blowjobs. Read the story here:

> “How Gratuitous Is Anne Hathaway’s Nudity in Love and Other Drugs?” – In Love and Other Drugs, co-stars Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are naked a lot (or nekkid, as David Edelstein put it). Read the story here:

> Break-in Has Goldilocks/Porn/Home Alone Angle – Read the story here:

> Vivid’s ‘Sister Wives’ Spoof — Tons of Family Fun – Would someone please take away Papa Smurf’s TV Guide. Read the story here:

> Hollywood publicist’s killer used hollow-point bullet, report says – “Everybody loved Ronni. She was the best at what she did.” Well, it would appear at least one person was kinda pissed at her. Read the story here:

> Playboy hard drive offers All Its Back Issues – That would free up a ton of closet space. Read the story here:

> ‘Burlesque’ is not burlesque, and it ain’t Tempest Storm, either – “Burlesque is sensuous moves, expression, showing your personality with your eyes and your smile. There was no connection with the audience whatsoever in this movie.” Read the story here:

> Reminder: Opening of Starrlight Gallery Saturday; David Aaron Clark Tribute is Gallery’s First Show – Read the hype:

> Saturday: AEBN, Smash Pictures Throw November Party for Malibu Massage Parlor – Read the hype:

> Kentucky Court upholds anti-strip club law – “It’s fair to say Kenton County no longer has any sexually oriented businesses,” said Kenton County Attorney Garry Edmondson. Another win for the industry. Read the story here:

> Brooklyn Lee is Making Her Mark; This Weekend She’s in Melbourne – Read the hype:

> Swedish Appeals Court Upholds Pirate Bay Convictions; Damages Increased – Read the story here:

> Chyna Denies Vivid Porn Ties – “The porn rumors are 100% untrue,” she wrote. We can only hope. Read the story here:

> Tony Lovett Steps Down as AVN Publisher and Editor-in-Chief to Pursue Creative Ventures – Read the hype here:

> Does Arizona State Have a Porn Problem? – “When photos showed up with the ID publicized, I knew immediately that this was not going to end well,” she says. Read the story here:

> AVN Award nominations give nod to Las Vegas; Read the Full List of Nominations –

> Christian Family Coalition Asks Gov.-elect Rick Scott to Stop Selling Porn to Latinos on – The site has a deal with Playboy Mexico, and users are asked to vote for the magazine’s “Cyber Girl of the Month.” Read the story here:

> A word with Andrew Booth, the co-founder of Ireland’s first porn magazine, Blue Ireland – Read the interview here:

> Attorney Who Filed Suit Over Allegations That Cops Got More Than Lapdances, Is Targeted In Burglary – “I’m not one who believes in coincidences. It’s a pretty sophisticated burglary.” Read the story here:

> “Despite Condom Crackdown, L.A. Porn Industry Has It Easy Compared To China’s Adult Business” – Around 1,330 people received punishments for producing, duplicating, publishing, selling and spreading pornographic and vulgar information…Read the story here:

> Capri Anderson Gets Offer to Line Up Sugardaddies to Pay Her Legal Bills – Read this ridiculous story here:

> Sold for $412Gs: Lucky Bidder Wins Rights to Stallone Softcore Flick on eBay – Read the story here:

> Brooke Mueller Refuses to Talk to NYPD about Sheen Incident – “Brooke has moved on from that dark time and just doesn’t want to be involved in this circus,” the source added. Read the story here:

> Why Men Give Thanks- Marli Renfro in Psycho, Tonight for Sure – Her real claim to fame, however, is when Alfred Hitchcock began looking for a body double to stand in for Janet Leigh in the iconic Psycho shower scene. Read Gene’s commentary here:

> Why Men Give Thanks- Stacey Walker in A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine – Friedman would have had more if Walker, obviously the flake that she was, didn’t take off and was never heard from again. Read Gene’s commentary here:

> Why Men Give Thanks- Jean Christopher in The Playgirl Killer – Porn chicks in particular should study Christopher’s moves to note how truly sexy a woman can be just by merely walking suggestively on the balls of her bare feet. Read Gene’s commentary here:

> Dennis Rodman sorry for radio sex chat; “She’s Sucking Something” – “Dennis was clearly intoxicated and doesn’t remember much [of what happened].” Read the story here:

> Ingrid Pitt Goes to Babe Heaven – Although Pitt had a series of other roles in film and on television, it was her 1970s vampire films that drew a cult following. Read the story here:

> Tiger’s Mistresses To Hold ‘Anniversary’ Party at ZIN Bistro in Westlake Village – Somebody alert North Korean artillery. Read the story here:

> Harlow Cuadra Goes to the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Appealing His Murder Conviction – Another jailhouse lawyer clogging up the courts. Read the story here:

> Tila Tequila Lap Dances at Gina Rodriguez, Joslyn James Birthday Bash – Making for quite the interesting gathering, a gaggle of D-listers…Read the story here:

> Model Calls Foul in GQ Nudie Pix Flap – “The model took her clothes off completely naturally.” Read the story here:

> Review: Pornography or Anti-Pornography? It’s All the Same in the Documentary, The Price of Pleasure – If you like pornography, or you want to learn more about the business and need a lot of visual aids, you may find The Price of Pleasure a worthy effort. Read the story here:

> France’s Marc Dorcell Brings 3D VOD Porn to Europe – Read the hype:

> US court orders redo of ex-prof’s porn sentence – Federal prosecutors say the 67-year-old Ward preyed on vulnerable teenage boys as he pursued them for sexual encounters and pornographic videos. Read the story here:

> Benefit for Jessie Lee Produced by Darling House, Hosted by Joanna Angel at Beauty Bar in NYC – Read the hype:

> Congressional Chief of Staff Fired in Kiddie Porn Bust; Served as Senior Advisor to Obama – All eleven suspects were charged with a felony count of sexual solicitation of a minor and face ten years in prison or a fine of $25,000 if convicted. Read the story here:

> AEBN’s “Real Touch” Technology is the Subject of a Patent Lawsuit – Read the story here:

> Girls Gone Wild Now Pimping the Pre-Charlie Sheen Capri Anderson, Claiming They Discovered Her – Better late than never. Read the hype here:

> Capri To TMZ: I Didn’t Pimp my Website After Sheen Incident; But Her Web Guy Kevin Noonan Did – “Can you imagine what would happen if we gave [the models] access to their own websites day to day?” Read the story here:

> Batfxxx and Bonny & Clide Score Big in Awards Noms for Bluebird – Read the hype:

> When Life Imitates Porn, It Gets Scary: ‘Ugly Betty’ Actor In Custody In Samurai Sword Killing – Police claim the scene was “extremely bloody.” Read the story here:

> Saturday Night: Lupe Fuentes to Host “Porn to Rock” Event in Southern California – Read the hype:

> Babes Cabaret Raided; Strippers Arrested – Just another day in paradise. Read the story here:

> Jenna Haze, Jennaration X Rack Up 17 AVN Award Nominations – Read the hype:

> Capri Anderson Re-thinking Her Lawsuit; [Good Idea] – Walsh told police she was fine after her bizarre night with Sheen and she also posted a similar statement on her web site, two facts that are emphatically noted in Sheen’s suit against her. Read the story here:

> Peter Eliades’ Strip Club Success in Las Vegas – “It isn’t about a place where someone will do drugs or prostitution. If some girl wants to engage in prostitution, she can do so in a whorehouse,” Peter Eliades stated. Read the story here:

> Lisa Ann Scores 4 AVN Award Nominations, AEBN POY Nom; Reminder of Her Tuesday Night Show – Read the hype:

> Hustler Video Wishes Miley Cyrus a Very Happy 18th Birthday – Read the hype:

> Sasha Grey: Future MILF – This movie’s gotta be older than John Wayne. Read the hype here:

> Taboo: The Larry Flynt Magazine You Won’t See In Many States – Read the story here:

> Once-a-Day AIDS Prevention Pill Gives New Hope – “It’s no time for gay and bisexual men to throw away their condoms or abandon other ways to prevent HIV,” says Kevin Fenton Read the story here:

> December 4th: Sunset Thomas Joins The Pitbull of Comedy – Read the hype:

> “Saw: A Hardcore Parody” Release Party Attracts Mainstream Creator – Read the hype:

> Capri Doesn’t Have a Bank Account; Sheen’s Lawyer: Capri & Her Attorney Sought 7 Figure Shakedown – Read the story here:

> Not Rocky XXX, Not Starring Sylvester Stallone – Read the hype:

> Capri Anderson to Denise Richards: I’m a Prostie! I Have a Pimp in LA and a Madam in NYC – Read the story here:

> Superior Court: Charlie Sheen Accuses Capri Anderson of Extortion; “The Fraud That She is” – “After a consensual encounter with Sheen in the Plaza Hotel in new York City on the evening of October 25, 2010, Walsh decided that this was her chance to become rich and famous,” the complaint states. Read the story here:

> From the Sticks & Stones File: “This is a woman who, for the right amount of money, sleeps with strangers” – Burg says she’s concocting her latest story for money and vows Charlie will not pay a penny to settle with her. Read the story here:

> Update: Hot-to-Trot Texas Teach in Student Sex Scandal is Knocked Up – amid speculation that her alleged victim may be the father. Read the story here:

> Capri Anderson is Now Little Miss Innocence in Police Complaint – “Ms. Capri never made any allegation to the police of any wrongful conduct on the part of Mr.Sheen the night of the incident and she had every opportunity to do so,” he said. Read the story here:

> Opening of Starrlight Gallery; David Aaron Clark Requiem is Gallery’s First Show – Read the hype:

> Joanna Angel On the November Cover of Hungary’s Tattoo Mania Magazine – Read the hype:

> Super Stars Bree Olson & Bobbi Starr Lead the Scooby Gang in “Scooby-Doo: A XXX Parody” – Read the hype:

> From the Monkey See, Monkey Do Files: Vivid Also Putting Out a Wonder Woman Parody – Oh, brother. Read the story here:

> Craven Moorehead joins Immoral Productions – Read the hype:

> From the To Say The Least File: Capri is Misguided Says Her Father – “Shame goes with fame,” the father told, a reference to his daughter’s line of work. Appears Daddy finally gets a clue. Read the story here:

> Guilty Verdict in Chandra Levy Murder Trial; Is He the Scapegoat? – Prosecutors said Levy’s death fits a pattern of attacks by Guandique in 2001 in Washington’s Rock Creek Park. Read the story here:

> Supreme Court Minutes: Capri’s Attorney Keith M. Davidson Suspended from Practice of Law – Perfect credentials to rep a porn performer. Read the story here:

> Sweet Fantasy Cams Provides Network for the Girls, By the Girls – Read the hype:

> Our Opinion: Malin Akerman Way Too Hot for the Linda Lovelace Role – Female actresses, and hot ones to boot, don’t get that kind of slack cut for them. Read Gene’s commentary here:

> Capri Anderson filing suit for battery, assault, false imprisonment, emotional distress; See Her GMA Clip – This is what happens when you don’t pay your whore. Read the story here:

> Lawyer Shopping Capri Anderson a Liar, Says Charlie Sheen’s Attorney – “She has been to a number of law firms who have refused her case because they doubt her credibility….and are a blatant attempt to cash in on his celebrity.” Read the story here:

> Capri Anderson on Good Morning America: Charlie Put His Hands Around My Neck – Funny, she didn’t tell the cops that story. Read the story here:

> Favre Penis Investigation Heats Up – Can’t say the same for the Vikings. Read the story here:

> XXX Wasteland Interviews Julie Meadows; Her Opinions of Shelley Lubben – She thinks Lubben is a fraud. Read the story here:

> Malin Akerman Replaces Lindsay Lohan in Inferno – Read the story here:

> Lindsay Lohan Opts Out of Lovelace Role on Her Own Terms – confirmed that Lohan decided to give up on the role to focus more on her rehab recovery Read the story here:


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