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Sean Looks at The Week of 7/25/2010 in Review; XBiz Gets the Edgar R. Murrow Award

Sean from writes: AdultFYI goes out of its way to bring you the latest in the world of stupid…

The Shelley Lubben award winner is Gail Dines.

This Quasimodo feminist authored a book titled “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality.” While appearing on CNN, Gail Dines [a lot it appears] had this to say about how men relate to porn:

“the more men view pornography, the more difficult it is to actually have sex with a human being, the more difficult it is to have intimate relationships”

Once again porn becomes the scapegoat for all that is destroying our society. Porn, not unlike anything else used in excess, could develop into problems. If someone drinks heavily they become alcoholics, but not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic. Painting all who view porn as socially unfit is really a reach.

The Edward R. Murrow award winner is XBIZ.

In a press released issued by Aids Healthcare Foundation, they claim that XBIZ rejected an ad they wanted to place in XBIZ’s print publication.

“XBIZ likes to see itself as a journalist, using its magazine to defend the free speech rights of the adult film industry. In this instance however, XBIZ has abandoned that pretense, and clearly decided to take sides with the industry by shutting down AHF’s freedom of the press and our free expression. This is wrong.”

You want straight, no nonsense journalism, you stick with Adultfyi. We post industry news, warts and all and don’t play favorites.

$100,000 Up In Smoke award goes to Adam & Eve’s Philip D. Harvey.

Harvey reportedly donated $100,000 to the Drug Policy Action Committee to Tax and Regulate Marijuana. These hippies are backing Proposition 19, the November ballot initiative to legalize California marijuana for adults over 21, allow small residential cultivation and permit local governments to tax and regulate pot sales. Harvey is the only listed donor to the committee which shows the kind of support Prop 19 is getting.

Somebody better call Doobie Brothers Plumbing, because I suspect flushing that kind of cash down the toilet will result in a massive backup.

Pot Meet Kettle award goes to media wallflower, Joslyn James.

This week Tiger Woods’ bimbo number one, Rachel Uchitel, made the news when it was reported that she will appear on “Celebrity Rehab.”

An indignant Joslyn showed her claws when she responded to the news by saying Uchitel’s decision to appear on “Celebrity Rehab” is “an embarrassment.”

She continued, “Now we know what her real motivation (in dating Woods) was.”

Yes, we all do Sweetheart. It’s the same as yours.

The AdultFyi Hero award goes to military contractor David H. Brooks.

Brookie is our hero because he has shown he cares about his family and employees. He purchased university textbooks for his daughter, pornographic videos for his son, plastic surgery for his wife, a burial plot for his mother, prostitutes for his employees, and, for him, a $100,000 American-flag belt buckle encrusted with rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

So what if all this is being considered an illegal diversion of government contract money, but what the hey… the Government does it to us all the time with bridges to nowhere projects on our dime.

That being said, we’d love to shake Mr. Brooks hand and applaud him in person, but unfortunately he is currently on trial in the United States District Court on Long Island for sweeping accusations of fraud, insider trading, and company-financed personal extravagance. Nonetheless he’s a hero to us.

The Dope of the Week award goes to Montana Fishburne.

It appears she doesn’t want to use her actor father as a role model in aspiring toward success and the possibility of fame and fortune. No, her role model is none other than Hollywood success story, Kim Kardashian.

This Dope actually told TMZ, “I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape.”

Buy “successful” does she mean that everyone outside of Hollywood thinks Kim Kardashian is an overexposed laughingstock on the same whore-ish level as Paris Hilton? If so, then I guess Kim Kardashian is “successful.”

Enjoy your trophy, you little dopette. I suspect more will be on the way.

The 4F award goes to Devon James.

I suspect she passed the Crazy Test with flying colors, but it was reported this week that this wing nut failed her pre-fight physical and was scratched from a “celebrity” boxing match.

James was supposed to “box” fellow ass-clown and Philadelphia Phillies World Series ticket whore Susan Finkelstein, but James’ blood pressure was too high and EMTs expressed concern over her poor performance in the eyeball reaction test.

It was also reported that her claim of Tiger Woods being the father of her son also failed the smell test.

That Porn Career is Really Coming in Handy award goes to Penny Flame.

Penny writes on how difficult it is to find employment in today’s job market. Really, who knew?

She rambles off the latest unemployment stats and gives her hard bitten viewpoints: For me, giving up would be returning to a life I’ve already decided I do not want, so it’s back to the streets of LA in search of “Help Wanted” signs and a hunt on the internet, where most life and the jobs therein seem to reside.

I gather that “returning to a life I’ve already decided I do not want” means she doesn’t want to return to the porn industry in which she states: ‘As an adult performer, it’s never too hard to find work.’

It appears she has been gone a long time.

The Charmin award goes to Brian Pumper.

It would appear the man who wears the Mr. T starter kit actually may have more in common with Mr. Whipple from the famous Charmin toilet paper ads.

Someone wrote that Brian appears to have an un-natural fondness for women’s smelly assholes: I remember watching a pornstar talk about a behind the scenes experience she had with him. Apparently, she was taking a shit and Brian came in asking to wipe her butt for her… she declines and dude starts begging like Keith Sweat. So she lets him wipe and this negro takes the paper with the poop to his nose and sniffs like it smelled of roses. Not only did he sniff the shit…but he also kept it the soiled tissue in a drawerrrr!!!!

I can only speculate to say that when Brian sees a woman eating a can of corn he automatically gets a boner.

The Creep of the Week award goes to Arthur Elmer Whelchel Jr.

This Creep rapes both this daughter and step-daughter and tries to buy their silence with new clothes. The cops investigate and record a conversation in which this creep confesses. However, at trial he claims he had no recollection of talking to his ex-wife and a daughter on the phone.

He was sentenced to 21 years and four months. That should give him plenty of time to work on improving his memory.

The Beaten To the Punch award goes to Vivid.

This week news broke that Laurence Fishburne’s 19-year-old daughter, Montana, was going to star in a Vivid movie to be released in August. I’m sure Vivid planed a tremendous media campaign as their usual when they release a “celebrity” sex tape.

However, it now appears that Freaky Empire may have just taken a shit in Vivid’s punchbowl the size that only Brian Pumper could appreciate.

Danny at Freaky Empire comments: Well, for your information we at Freaky Empire are releasing our movie next week – This is a scene she shot with Brian Pumper about a month ago – The title of the movie is Phatty Rhymes and Dimes # 14. –

I am attaching the box cover art (she is the girl in front named Chippie D) so you can see this is not a joke.

I bet Papa Smurf’s ears are just steaming over this.


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> This Ain’t Celebrity Apprentice XXX Parody Coming Soon – Read the hype:

> Devon James to Fight Massachusetts Woman Holly LaHair – “I’m doing this for Tiger’s wife. She deserves a little bit of payback, and she’s going to get it.” Oh, she already go some payback…about $600 million worth. Read the story here:

> Private’s Former CEO Says He Was Replaced In Order To Silence Him – “Under federal and state law, the purported termination is therefore unlawful, invalid and requires that Mr. Bunimovitz be reinstated to his position,” claim his attorneys. Read the story here:

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> Casey Affleck Files to Move sex lawsuit to Arbitration – Read the story here:

> How Big Is The Porn Big Lebowski? Batman XXX the most financially successful porn parody ever made? – Braun’s “Batman XXX” sold 250,000 DVDs in only its first three weeks… If they said it, it must be true. Read the hype/story here:

> George Clooney’s Sardinian Sweetie Targeted in Cocaine-Prostie Scandal – She saw Canalis snorting cocaine at a Milan nightclub in 2007. Read the story here:

> Sasha Grey eyes role in Rob Lowe drama – Her “mainstream” acting is nothing more than summer stock theater put to film. Read the story here:

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> Air controllers launch $2m sex harassment suit – A couple of broads looking for a payday. Read the story here:

> Hulu’s sharp decline in viewership underscores inconsistency in measuring size of online audience – “You would think 15 years on, we would be in a better place. But we’re still talking about fundamental discrepancies in things like page counts.” Read the story here:

> Commentary on Recent Stagliano, FCC Decisions – Read it here:

> US District Court Judge Rules Against FSC’s 2257 lawsuit – Don’t forget to renew you membership TODAY. Read the story here:

> Man slits Savannah Gold’s throat – Islam, of Poplar, East London, admitted wounding with intent and robbery. Read the story here:

> Lindsay’s Inferno Director Banned From Jail Visit – “It was really frustrating because I wanted to see Lindsay in person on Saturday to try and lift her spirits,” he said. Read the story here:

> Sex Scandal Rocks NYPD – That devil pussy strikes again. Read the story here:

> 17 Year-Old Taylor Momsen Too Young to Be Talking About Dildos, Critics Say – Don’t get excited, they bash her. Read the story here:

> Al Gore Questioned by Police in Sex Assault Case – Gore “unequivocally and emphatically” denied the sexual allegations that arose more than three years ago. Read the story here:

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> Sasha Grey Talks About Being in HBO’s Entourage – Read the nauseatingly dull interview here:

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> Francesca Le Launches New Site Via the Vette Nation Network of websites – Read the hype here:

> Military Contractor Allegedly Used Expense Account for Prostitutes for Employees, Porn for His Son – Read the story here:

> The Deep Throat Sex Scandal to Play Off-Broadway’s 45 Bleecker Street Theatre – “Finally the true story will be revealed,” according to press notes. Read the story here:

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> Latest Polanski Anal-Rape Victim to Come Forward Claims to Have All The Poop – “I kind of knew that we’re going to have sex, but I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary…I did not expect to be sodomized,” she said. Read the story here:

> Lindsay Lohan Strip Search Triggers Investigation – The suit claims that female inmates are strip searched in plain view of each other in a parking lot that is neither private nor sanitary. Read the story here:

> Adam & Eve’s Phil Harvey finances California marijuana push – Read the story here:

> Update: Kelly Brook’s lesbian kiss with Riley Steele in Piranha 3D screened at Comic-Com – “I had to learn to hold my breath for a very long time.” Yeah, baby! Read the story here:

> LA Direct Models and The Lee Network Girls Grace Multiple Covers of Penthouse’s Family of Magazines – Read the hype:

> RapidShare Wins New Procedure Against Capelight Pictures – Read the hype:

> Another Money Grubbing Extortionist: Sex, Money, Power At Heart Of Karen Sypher Trial – Sypher faces six federal charges, including trying to extort millions of dollars from University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino, lying to federal agents, and retaliating against a witness. Read the story here:

> Another Rape Charge Leveled at Roman Polanski – Only took her 36 years to come forward. Read the story here:

> More on the Susan Finkelstein, Devon James Wrestling Match – Flushing what pride and self-respect they may have had down the nearest toilet. Read the story here:

> Adult Source Media & Lee Roy Myers Debut Nightingale Pictures – Read the story here:

> Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi Book Out Today – Read the hype:

> From Axel Braun: Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody – Read the hype:

> Rick’s in NYC,Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami Chosen as Only Gent’s Clubs to Offer Louis XIII Cask Cognac – Read the hype here:

> Canadian Border guards stop hundreds of ‘obscene’ items Including Incest DVDs – “I think the state, the government, has a role to play here in determining and enforcing what is in the best interests of society,” he said. Read the story here:

> Security Lessons From the ‘Adult’ Web – Read the story here:

> Casey Affleck Now Being Hit with a Sex Harassment Lawsuit; Trannies, Penises and Prosties Scenario – Another crazy Hollywood babe looking for a payday. Read the story here:

> Max Hardcore Article writer Seeking to Speak to His Co-Stars – I’m looking to speak with any women who’ve been in his movies; pro or con…Read the story here:

> Demi Delia- More Canoodling; This Time with Kevin Blatt? – Eyewitnesses say Delia was all over Blatt like the white on Chang’s rice. Read the story here:

> UK Women’s Fund Builds Fertility Room to Blow Loads – Read the story here:

> More Evidence to Show that Devon James is Full of It – The document states that genetic testing shows a paternity match of 99.99%. Read the story here:

> Lindsay Lohan in Lockdown; Inmates Calling Her “Fire Crotch” –Why can’t those nasty convicts just leave that poor little whore alone. Read the story here:


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