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Shy Love involved in international drug ring

Shy Love is a tax evading escort who poses as a porn agent.

But now we found that’s not all she is. She’s also hooked up with a international drug ring that is buying shit from a chemical lab in China and using it to make molly, which was being distributed in Florida and across porn sets in LA.

To date ten people have been indicted on drug-trafficking charges and at least two have turned over on the others.

What does all of this have to do with Shy Love you ask? When shit hit the fan and Selena Santana was arrested it was Shy Love she ran to for help. Shy Love is the one who helped her arrange a deal with authorities.


Just how much Shy Love knew about the drug ring before they got busted is unconfirmed but at least one of her former performers is saying that Shy Love always had the best Molly connection from her friends in Florida.

Now I guess we know who her fucking friends are.

This is a picture of Jorge Ramon Hernandez. He was the one Shy’s drug connections.

Jorge Ramon Hernandez

Because he agreed to roll over on 14 drug dealers he sentence was reduced from 10 to 4 years.

Selena Rose’s boyfriend was this dude named Anich, who himself rolled over on Hernandez. He got a reduced sentence and may only have to serve 5 months to 5 years.

These dumb fucks were ordering between 2 and 5 kilos of methylone a week from China.

That first night Selena Santana was found in possession of drugs yet she magically got off. BULLSHIT. We all know that bitch is working with the feds and is reporting on the drug scene on porn sets.

In fact she began rolling over on people that very first night she was arrested. She told detectives about how the packages came in the mail.


She then would later start working with the feds directly on the molly investigation.

A friend of Selena’s who asked to remain anonymous said Shy Love is having Selena record video clips of porn chicks doing drugs.

What do you think they are going to do with those videos?

One news report in the Miami Herald said that because the drug ring involved China Homeland security is involved. Anyone who knows Shy Love knows how often she loves to brag about her connections with Homeland security.



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  1. Shy Loves cheats on her husband and there is ample proof. In one Tweet she claims it was her “BUSINESS PARTNERS” who was courting her at the last two AVN conventions. This is a complete lie, one man in particular was non other than her sugar Daddy. SHEEEEE DONT TELL ROY right. There is confirmation coming in where two adult performers fucked her Sugar daddy bare back who she calls “her money man” and he was financing her false claim law suit against Mark Sheckter where that ended badly for her, She lost but will do what she does always. Tweet how happy she is and how rich she is and life is just dandy and she actually won. Once Mrs Shy Love gets wind of her second in command self proclaimed man was fucking two girls in the room while Shy Love’s back was turned she lost it on the two hookers and kicked one off her site and harassed the other who later turned on Shy like a viper and left. Anyone with a pic of the mid 40’s ish dark slender built receding hair line middle eastern man please send it to Gene Ross ASAP.

    I hear there is one of the girls already speaking about this. Shy Love is running a trafficking operation and she secretly pushes her self first when a call comes in. While using The Vip Connect as a front for Drug trafficking from China and shipping drugs from Holland and Eastern European countries into Los Angeles and Miami Florida where she is from.
    Sheelagh also known as Shy Love uses her illegal unlicensed Talent agency as a front to traffic in Prostitutes from Eastern Europe and have a few sneak in drugs.

    We know two of the girls were busted one American and one Hungarian whats Shy’s response ???
    Sends the Euro girl back home and ducks hide and cover the American with whom she kisses her ass to remain quiet. These two should be given 48 hours to get off her rogue agency roster and find any legal talent agent for sound and proper representation.

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