Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Coffee: The Dr. Miao Syphilis Club and Who’s a Member

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If the contents page of AdultFYI appears a little different today, that’s because we’ve enlarged the Dr. Miao syphilis letter and are running it as a background “skin”.

There are folk out there who would tell you this letter is a fabrication of the wily Rob Black. Complete with the Cutting Edge Testing and APHSS watermarks plus authentic redactions, I might add. If it’s a fugazi I’d say it’s a pretty good one.

A possessor of this letter belongs to the exclusive Dr. Miao syphilis club. That means you’ve either had direct contact with Mr. Marcus and acquired syphilis that way, or got it from somebody who got it from Mr. Marcus. Syph is one of those things, when you got it, you pass it along. It’s not hit or miss.

The letter states that syphilis was detected in your system and you’ve been treated for it. You’ve been cleared to work, but it’s also notification that once you got the syph in your system, it will invariably show up positive on a test, perhaps for the rest of your life.

How many performers Mr. Marcus directly infected is anybody’s guess. Only Dr. Miao could tell you that, and since he’s pretty good at passing along sensitive information about viral loads [if Cameron Bay is to be believed], I’d say chances are pretty good you could sweat it out of him. Maybe the Feds will have an opportunity because that’s where this whole thing is headed.

Marcus himself in an interview said he was third or fourth stage syphilis by the time this whole thing came to light. Whatever stage that was, it was time to get off the stage, but Marcus continued to work. Lylith Lavey wound up suing him. And, although Marcus’ attorney Martin Cutler blustered and postured by saying Lavey should have known the risks, Marcus offered no defense in the courts. It remains to be seen what Lavey will get out of all this. But I think it’s fair to say that Lavey has one of these letters because not too long after her scene with Marcus, Lavey quit the business.

By the time Diane Duke and Christian Mann had their little dog and pony show by telling the industry what a swell guy Marcus was, a number of female performers were already heading for the exits as well.

One of them was Remy Lacroix. Lacroix, whose previous claim to fame was a hula hoop video on YouTube, left professional fornication for a number of months and went to San Francisco to do whatever.

Speculation is, she got the syph from Marcus and was on the mend. What I find fascinating is that Lacroix, gone for the length of time she was, still managed the AVN Best New Starlet award. That’s like missing half a season in baseball and being declared the Most Valuable Player. I don’t get it, but greater minds than mine are now running the Manwin-owned AVN.

In any event, I’m curious whether Lacroix is a letter carrying member of the Dr. Miao syphilis club. Can anyone tell me? That would be really great.


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