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Welcome To The Schoolyard; Led By Bullies Howard Levine and Mike South

We just started posting on the message forum. Some of the responses we’ve been getting are kinda funny.

We posted a story on Ginger Lynn that we posted yesterday on AdultFYI What’s funny is we talked about all of these women who are in the age range of Ginger Lynn, but look really good. We talked about Amber Lynn in the article, we talked about Christy Canyon, Rebecca Bardoux. We talked about how these women have aged really well. Ginger Lynn has more going for her than all these other women. She has Steve Hirsch’s kid, she signs at all of these conventions. I mean, she’s got a lot going for her. We said that the fact that she’s a celebrity and she’s trading off of her legendary porn status she should have some respect for herself and her fans and get in shape. Not talking about getting trillions of dollars of plastic surgery done, but lose some weight and get in shape. Look good for your fans. Respect yourself. Do what Amber and Christy and Rebecca do. These girls are all approaching the same age as Ginger and they still look good. They still give a shit about their appearance.

So we did a story on that and posted it on the XBIZ forum and it got all sorts of comments. One of the comments I found interesting was from Alec Helmy, the owner of XBIZ.

Helmy says:


Welcome to

If you’re here to post nothing but negativity as you do on your personal site, then you won’t last long here.

Kindly change your tune dude.


But if you go to his message board, everybody there talks shit on me! Even before I started posting there, Alec Helmy himself started a thread entitled “Is Rob Black the new Mike South?” It was a shit talk fest, led by Howard Levine and Mike South.

Everybody can talk shit about me and call me every name in the book, but if I post an article, which was a tongue-in-cheek story about how Amber Lynn looks great and Rebecca Bardoux looks good, but Ginger needs to work on herself, I’ll be banned. It was supposed to be humorous ball busting. Just the fact that we said “Don’t Be Fat Elvis” should give you a clue. Elvis was a star who looked really good in his younger days, but as he got older he gained weight and looked sloppy. But people still went to his concerts and loved him. Let’s face it. Ginger is not the Ginger Lynn of the 80’s posing in a champagne glass. But people still want her autograph and want to take pictures with her and when they do, they will say, “Wow, she really let herself go. She’s like Fat Elvis. We’ll still get her autograph, but she is nothing like she was 30 years ago.” I was simply pointing out the obvious in what I thought was a humorous fashion.

I didn’t just post “Ginger Lynn is a fat fuck.” I posted a story that I thought was pretty funny.

One of the posters in the thread, Michael Diamond, said this: “I have never met this guy and I can’t help but hate him. He rants like some methed out basement wanker. People age and change physically. Get over it and treat people as human beings. Guys like this are the reason I prefer the company of animals.”

So Alec Helmy, this guy who has never met me is allowed to call me a “methed out basement wanker” and I make an observation on somebody who I’ve known for years and I’m threatened with banishment? I think calling someone a methed out basement wanker would qualify as negativity. I think it’s pretty lame to call me out when you yourself started a bash Rob Black thread. Dude.

There was a guy who came to my defense, however. A guy named Master Ryan posted: “it looks like he came to xbiz to repost his stories. i don’t think his negativity is too excessive. most producers have the same outlook on the industry and the talent. just tell him to use the BLOG section instead”

Thank you, Master Ryan. Master Ryan’s a good guy. If you’re reading this Master Ryan, I appreciate it.

What’s the deal, Helmy? You let Mike South post on your message board, but then on his own site he talks about how you’re a douchebag. I write a tongue-in-cheek story that you’re offended by and I get banned? But other people like South and Howard Levine are given free reign to bash me with no repercussions? C’mon Helmy. I know it’s your board and all, but at least try to show a little neutrality.

Plus, not all stories that we post are negative. We do attempt to be entertaining from time to time. I say a lot of things that people are thinking, but are afraid to say and sometimes people are offended. But are you gonna ban everyone who says something offensive? Or is it OK to be offensive as long as they’re being offensive to Rob Black?

I just got this email from Dan Miller:

Hey Rob, 
Hope you’re
well…glad you joined the board, but I’m told if
you’re only re-posting your site stuff as new threads
that your account will be suspended…


They really don’t want anything thought provoking or controversial. They just wanna bash me on this site. It really is amazing. Look at all this uproar we’ve created over four posts. It’s just weird. I guess my words are a little too extreme? An adult industry message board does not want me to post my stories. It’s a fucking message board. We’re posting commentary on adult news. How is what we’re posting any different than what anyone else is? I’m looking at a post right here entitled “Online Sex Supplements Linked to Serious Psychoactive Effects.” It’s a re-post of an article and then there are comments. Why is this person allowed to post an article and we aren’t? Wouldn’t this article offend the sellers of online sex supplements?

I just don’t get why XBIZ has a problem with us posting our articles. If you don’t like them, don’t read them. If you want to bash me for what I’m writing, so be it. But to suspend me for doing the same thing that everyone else is doing is baffling to me and seems very unfair.

Why is this a problem? Because it’s Rob Black. People don’t like what I’m saying so they want to censor me. I’ve been down this road before. I’ve been to prison because people didn’t like what I was saying. They don’t like what I’m saying so they are gonna make up rules that no one else has follow so MY speech is gonna be stifled. They don’t want me to talk shit on anyone, but everyone else is given free reign to talk shit about me.

Why is it wrong for me to post a story that is thought provoking and people want to read? Judging by the number of views on the stories we’ve posted, that’s obviously the case.

My presence on the message forum after four posts has created such turmoil that they are gonna ban me. That’s pretty heavy. Pretty heavy and pretty disturbing.

A lot of the stories that I post are commentary on stuff that I read on XBIZ. I always mention where the material that I’m commenting on comes from. I really don’t see what they have a problem with. I don’t get it, man.

So I’m gonna post this on and I guess I’m gonna get banned. Before I do, maybe somebody will tell me how is it that when I respond to something someone has written about me that I’m the bad guy? Mike South wrote a post about me on Sunday. I responded with a post where I laid out the history and refuted his allegation that he wasn’t fired from Elegant Angel and because my response was so much stronger I am the bad guy and I am the one to get censored?

That’s the problem with this business. Everybody can dish it out, but nobody can take it. Howard Levine is a perfect example. He can insult, harass and go behind your back and tell people not to do business with you, but when you push back he gets offended. Howard’s the guy who throws the first punch, then gets mad when you punch back. When we worked together at Exquisite, Howard would talk the biggest smack of everybody, but the minute you talked back, he would get all offended and butt hurt and would go in his office and cry like a little girl. That’s Howard Levine.

That’s how this business is. They say something about you, you say something back and they get mad. It’s the big tough guy gangster mentality. Everybody’s a tough guy until they get punched in the face and then they run to the cops. Howard Levine, Mike South and others ran to Alec Helmy and cried about Big Bad Rob Black, so now he’s getting the boot, so they can be the bullies of the forum once again.

Everyone’s upset because I went after Mike South after he went after me. Why? Because I was more biting? Because I know how to play the game better than all of you?


Have fun in the schoolyard, kids.

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