What Happened To American Women?

World travelers discuss the sorry state of American women.


In general men are taking more pride in their appearance and grooming than many females – who 95% are slobs. In recent years there has been a shift in the dynamics of couples where women are commonly larger (and more tattoos) than the man they are with. American men are really getting short changed when it comes to the quality of women to choose from. I am so thankful I have the means to travel regularly to SE Asia.

Men have been taught you treat them with respect, pay for meals, put your coat down in the puddles and hold the door for them. Not a single woman has stopped a door from slamming in my face, none have held the door, and I’ll be damned if any reached for the check. First thing they ask is what do I do, I should follow up with are we going to have Sex, because in the end we are lining up what we really want. They want money and I just want to bang. It is funny when you bring up thailand or foreign countries, their usual response is oh you have to pay for sex. In the end one we pay and get customer support the other we pay and get no product or a defective one at best.

Gave up on them a long time ago. Mongering is the way to go.

I always thought it would make for an interesting reality tv show. Drop a dozen modern western women (of all shapes and sizes) with no money into Pattaya and see if they can scratch out a living for a month working in bars. The attitude would probably change after the first night when they woke up hungry. Money, or the lack of it is basically the only thing that determines attitude (in men too of course) and it also determines morals, ethics, personal standards etc.

I live in China and just recently returned from a business trip to the US. When I got there I was absolutely shocked by the obesity!! My Chinese GFs waist is smaller than most of the women s thighs (ONE!!). I am originally from the US but haven’t lived there for 20 years and I must say they are like pigs, constantly eating…..The thing is that there are now soooo many fat people that the social stigma normally attached is gone and it is now normal and accepted to be a fat fuck!! This includes my own US Family…..all of them are huge and they even asked me once if I was addicted to drugs because I wasn’t fat..löl totally mental. That having been said, the number of fast food joints in China is mind boggling and more coming all the time. There is a corner I know in Shanghai were I can see 5 KFCs 3 MDs and a BK, and at least 10 7-11s, kinda of sad that the only thing the US can now export worldwide is garbage food that ruins your body…


I agree with most of the comments here. It’s not just that American women are fat cows, they also have a sense of entitlement to go along with it. They think that their pussy is made of gold and you better have a BMW and a gold Rolex to get a sniff of it. On a hot day I can get a whiff from across the room. I agree that the portions that some restaurants serve is way too large, I usually can’t finish them, what a waste. We are always getting doggie bags for our cats.

One of the worst weeks of my life was working security at the BBW gathering a few years ago before the Stardust closed, we even had to rent a special hoist to get some of the extreme lard asses out of the pools as they could not climb up the steps. Can you say chunky dunk. Should have seen the look of lust in their eyes at the all you can eat buffet. On the other hand they did not lack for attention from males, especially skinny ones. One of my fellow officers who is dumb as a doorknob married one.


Despite having bigger guts than many Pattaya mongers, American women think having some highlights in their hair, wearing expensive shoes, and a designer purse makes them attractive. They would be better off spending their money on healthy food and a gym membership.

Thank God for Asian Girls…


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  1. American woman are too fat for you? That’s so convenient. Because they wouldn’t be interested in a tiny dicked Chinese man anyway. Works out perfect!!

    1. Hey Kandace

      Why don’t you just disappear? I know, you’ll make a comeback to porn because your coke addict self will need more money to buy more shit to snort up your nose.

      You’re a pathetic hooker whore!

    2. The only non-White men who are interesting for White American women are blacks, Latin Americans and Middle Easterners anyway.

  2. Oh look, the big fat whale American broad got upset. The article must be true.

    Honey, you just proved all these dudes right with your nasty response. Your attitude sucks, you’re a bigot and if you posted a picture, I’m sure you would fit the description of the typical American whale. Thanks.

  3. I enjoyed this article. One point I mght add would be that Asian women are very submissive and for the most part make the effort to satisfy a man and create happiness for a man. American women are conditioned and taught to be complainers and money grabbers.

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