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Who is running The VIP Connect?

With Shy Love out of town, and Mark Mojo skipping out (since Shy Love didn’t pay him) who is currently running The VIP Connect?  Mike Mancini!

This is Mike Mancini.

Mike Mancini

Mike Mancini is currently dating porn star Phoenix Marie.

Phoenix Marie is well known for her unique sexual tastes. She likes to put on a strap on and fuck her man in the ass and other homosexuals.

She also likes to make her man suck her big, plastic dick.

Phoenix Marie

She previously dated tranny fucker homosexual Christian X.

Phoenix Marie Tranny Fucker

This is the man with the plan over at The VIP Connect. Shy Love has fallen so low, this is the only person dumb enough she could trick into running her joke of an agency.

Of course I use the word “man” loosely considering he lets his girlfriend dominate and humiliate him. So really what kind of man is he when his girlfriend fucks him in the ass.



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  1. basically, the person who runs this site doesn’t confirm his sources once again another article that is completely wrong, just a couple articles ago the person who runs this site said Mancini was back home in NYC, NOW running the VIP like Which one is it ? ran out of stuff to right about I guess.

    1. Maybe you should on your spelling before you go posting up here! Foster has nothing on the Luxury Companion which is why she keeps making shit up about it and she doesn’t have any facts to support anything that she says about it. Of course, Foster doesn’t have any facts to support anything that she writes about which is why she has been a failed blogger for the past decade.

  2. Shy love pretends to be big shot in Vegas but this is my town. When it comes to porn stars in Vegas the top choice is clear. I am tired of you fake ass people hiding behind your keyboards talking shit and not backing it up.
    I talk the talk and can back it up.
    Keep spending your time talking about all these losers sleeping all day and doing nothing. I’m working while they’re sleeping!
    Staying sucka free and winning!

  3. Well stated Shy Love pretends to be a big shot everywhere she goes or runs to. Only thing she owns is a tax debt while bill collectors owns her. She owns nothing.
    She is on her way out of the industry and should go quietly with dignity. The Only other lying scumbag is Sandra McCarthy. Who needs a wiki page and some dedication to the attention whore she is. Jealous of young pretty girls this old skank and old bat needs to get off coke and stop ripping off the talent pool.

  4. Mike Mancicni is not working in Shy Loves Office he left that office for quite some time now. He is back home with family since his last departure from The Vip connect.

    Mike will be available for scenes only in California soon. Shy Is just trying to give the impression she is relevant and a lame attempt in contradicting the fact he left a while ago.

    Mike should just self book or better Self book while signing up with 101 models or OC Models. That is the smart thing to do at this point or better consider ATMLA because their roster is a smaller pool of male talent.

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