Reddit has gone full communist far left retard mode

Watch this & Share with your friends if you absolute dislike Leftism, The Far Left, Antifa, Gay Mafia, Mentally ill Libtards, the Transgender agenda, Communism, Democratic socialism, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clintion, Neo-Marxism, Thought Police, Soyboyism, Soviet Romanticism, AOC, Eco-Fascists, Bella French, Ben English/Derek Andrew Hayes & Polysexuals!



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  1. The reason why Trump is sabotated permanently is the fact that he is not an Neo-Imperialists/Interventionists. Trump is hated by the Deep State which is ruled by Oligarchs like Pierre Omidyar or George Soros who are Liberals but Kennedy was killed by the same Deep State that was ruled by Conservatives or even Reactionaries.

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