Conversations with Jasmine Byrne

Porn Valley- I spoke to Jasmine Byrne on the set of Defiance Film’s Asylum. Byrne was sharing adjoining jail cells with Taylor Rain.

I ask Byrne to spell her name for the record and she laughs about how she does that all the time. Byrne answered an ad in a Riverside paper about a year and a half ago. She did one scene which was for Red Light.

“I worked with Mike Steffano and it was one of those scenes where I totally forgot a camera was there,” she says. “It was a great scene.”

Byrne had an agent at the time and decided she didn’t want to be repped by him any more. She took some time to think things out then came back in the business about five months later. “I decided I’ll do it for real.” Byrne explains that she also had a boyfriend at the time but that he didn’t give her shit about doing porn simply because she had snuck it behind his back. “I always wanted to be in porn,” she states. “I always watched it when I had sex. I was, like, I can do this.” Byrne, who was engaged at the time she entered the business, finally left her fiance.

“He was one of those stupid, money-hungry guys,” she says. “He wanted all my money and was, like, no.” Asked if she found another guy to beat her up and take her money, Byrne said she hadn’t had a boyfriend for at least a year. That is until about a month or two ago.

“We’re pretty serious,” she says. Byrne is seeing fellow porn actor Chris Knight, the ex-husband of Jenaveve Jolie. Byrne’s only worked with Knight one time. “This was after we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.” Asked what clicked in this relationship, Byrne says compatibility.

“We’d talk for hours and never stop talking.” The time Byrne worked with Knight, Byrne was working for a company and doing a movie with a girls night out theme.

“Supposedly he’s my friend in this and we’re fighting because we’re drunk. So my other friend- this girl- starts getting on top of him and they start making out. I’m like, woa, you don’t even know who he is. And we’re all just laughing and playing. That night we go to this club to see if we can give guys handjobs. And some of these guys are like, no, no, we prefer to dance. You mean you prefer to dance then have me whack off your dick? Okay. But that night Chris and I couldn’t stop looking and touching each other and giving that little smirk to each other. After that we just fucked forever. This was all for a little movie that was going on.”

Byrne laughs because she can’t watch porn to get off any more. “Because I know everyone- that sucks but I used to watch it a lot.” Byrne, who says she enjoys watching people hump, was another of those tomboys. She played basketball, soccer and beat people up. “That was me,” she laughs. “I was always in the principal’s office for getting in fights. I was a bad girl.” The first time Byrne had sex was at the age of 12.

“But I had a sexual relationship with a girl at the age of 11,” she says. “She was best friend and we had dreams about each other. We spoke about it one night. We’re like, let’s do it then since we’re having dreams about each other. We did the whole thing. I didn’t know what I was doing at all but it felt good. I guess I’ve always been sexual.”

As a little kid, Byrne would hump couches. “I didn’t know how it was pleasing me but it did,” she says.

Then at the age of 12, Byrne did it with an 18 year-old guy. “I think he was- he kept changing his age on me. He knew what he was doing. I couldn’t do this with someone my age. It was like him being older and wanting to be with a little hot chick and me wanting to fuck some cute, older guys. First, he started fingering me in an alley. Then he snuck in. We were walking towards his house and there was this alley. We decided we couldn’t wait. He just undid my pants and rolled them down my ankles. He did me from the front. It was very exciting. But then I remember the first time I did it doggie- I was in love. It was, like, I love this position. It was the same guy.”

Byrne says the guy was basically a booty call, not a boyfriend. And Byrne’s parents were very strict with her, she says. “I was basically Cinderella. I had to be in early. But they went to sleep early so I was, like, hmm, well just come on over.” Byrne would bang the guys with her parents in the other room. “Then they’d have to leave through my window,” she said. One guy got caught.

“My dad was ready to shoot him,” Byrne laughs. My dad saw him on the roof. I didn’t know this. Then he came in and everybody’s screaming. I didn’t know what was going on. Then I looked out the window and could seem him running across the street. But my dad didn’t catch him.” Byrne said she didn’t allow the third degree to last too long. “I just said, yeah, I fucked him. I had sex in the house. If you don’t like it, kick me out.” Byrne was never taken up on the offer, however.

“My parents just had to accept the fact that their daughter was no longer a virgin.” Her parents now know Byrne’s a porn star. “I just got off the phone with my dad,” she says. “I’m daddy’s girl. I love him and he loves me. He knows everything I did.” Byrne said she broke the news to them- hard.

“I knew they had a feeling because I’m saying I’m in Hollywood, dad, and I take pictures and make a lot of money. Stuff like that. Then I took them to dinner. I was shaking to tell them at dinner. Then I came home and I was like, okay, dad, mom, I’m in adult movies. They look at each other and smile. I thought I was going to hear it forever but they said we knew, we’re just happy you told us.” Byrne’s mom, on the other hand is her stepmother. “She has no say-so,” states Byrne.

Byrne loves being in the adult business and trying to be a good porn star. Because of her sweet disposition, I ask Byrne if there’s been attempts to manipulate her and take advantage.

“That happens all the time- a lot,” she says. “There was this one time when I went on set. I was supposedly being hypnotized to do dumb things like oink like a pig and fly around the room like an airplane. That’s not me and it really got to me emotionally. So I started crying and looked at the director, like, I’m not fucking doing this. He looked at me and said your agent knew about this! Bull. Because if I would have known, I would not be here right now. It’s little things like that. Some girls would get scared, stay and do it. And supposedly sex was going to happen but I’m like you know what? I don’t care if it’s going to happen. You don’t make a beautiful girl act like a retard. If the girl’s not comfortable, then she shouldn’t have to do it.”

Byrne’s pretty minded open minded when it comes to performing and can’t think of anything where she’d draw the line.

“Sometimes I fly up to San Francisco and do some work for CyberNet,” she says. “I’m a dominatrix but you’d never believe it. You’d be amazed. Even though I’m small, I can leave lots of welts and make men cry. I electrocute their dicks and stick a butt plug up their ass and electrocute their insides. Some guys have their things pierced so I’ll put two clamps against it and it goes right through his dick to his balls. I make them scream and cry. I think this is funny. I’ll start laughing- ha, ha, I want to see more tears.”

Remembering the time a woman told me she rode strap-ons with 400 pound guys, I ask Byrne for the weirdest things she’s had to do as a dom. Butt-fucking with strap ons, she answers but never with guys that large. Byrne said she’d never entertain the thought of a guy that large under her.

“The great part about this is I get to do this on camera,” Byrne continues. “They make sure the guys aren’t bad-looking.”

The first time Byrne ever did anal was her second scene on camera.

“I always wanted to,” she says. “But when you watch porno you don’t see people putting lube on, so me, I tried to do it without lube and it hurt. So I wouldn’t do it off camera. I was so oblivious. One time I asked one of the guys over at Red Light District how to do an enema.

He’s like, just read the box. I’m, okay. So I read the box but no one told me that you have to let it all out. So I’m, like, whatever. I’m feeling all gross and nauseous and I’m driving to the set, right? I’m in traffic. Boy, oh boy. I almost shit my pants. It was so bad. I was shaking. I was crying. I was trying to hold it in but the enema makes you push it out. Your muscles are freaking out because they don’t know what to do. So I finally get to the set and totally ran through everyone. I ran into the restroom and pooooooooooooooof. No one told me this is supposed to happen! Like how stupid. I was about to take a shit in front of everyone. Do not read the box, women. Use water and do it that way.”

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