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Porn Valley- Last year on various porn sets, Eva Angelina was talking about how she was leaving porn to join the Navy- that she had already signed up. Wednesday night on KSEX Angelina was being interviewed by Stormy Daniels but didn’t say a word and wasn’t asked a word about it her alleged hitch. One gets the impression that if Angelina’s weighing anchor that anchor must weigh like Bill Fox.

“Eva I think is the prettiest girl in the business,” stated Daniels. Angelina, who’s with Exotic Star Models, was on to promote her latest movie which is titled Eva from Ninn Worx but Mike Moz needled Daniels about forgetting the name of it.

Angelina will be in the business three years as of July, and Daniels noted that she’s still working every day even with that. As testament to her popularity, Daniels mentioned that Angelina has yet to do anal on camera.

“You have some good fuck faces,” Moz told Angelina. “That’s the hot shit.” Stormy said even with as much as Angelina has worked, her crew still comes out “like cockroaches” when Eva’s doing a scene. Asked if really liked getting fucked, Angelina responded that she truly enjoys “getting penetrated.” Moz pointed out the already established fact that many girls in the business don’t like what they do but do it for the cash or other reasons.

“That’s all icing on the cake,” admitted Angelina. “But I like having sex. it’s really simple.” Stormy was curious why Angelina hasn’t signed a contract.

“It hasn’t really come about,” Angelina replied. “I’m interested- I haven’t had the opportunity. I’ve had one company come and ask me to sign with them. I said I don’t know whether I want to be with you guys long term.”

Stormy then joked about Eva having commitment issues. According to Angelina it was just as well because the company lost their contract with Playboy.

Stormy voiced surprise that one of the bigger companies hasn’t snatched Angelina up.

“She’s gorgeous, she can fuck and she can act and she’s prettier that a lot of the skanks,” said Stormy. “And as far as I know she doesn’t have a big enough drug problem to be signed to the biggest company in the industry. But I’m sure they can hook you up with one because that’s generally what they do.”

Moz noted that a contract would generally slow down your output but Angelina said she could focus her energies on other things within and outside the industry.

It was noted that Angelina just starred in a movie that Stormy directed.

“I wrote Sleeping Around and we just finished shooting it a couple of weeks ago,” Stormy explained. “Wicked rushed it- it’s already done being edited- I just saw it in the editing bay.”

There was another movie titled Three Wishes but Angelina doesn’t start in that, Daniels went on to note.

“I saw how well she did in Thee Wishes but also Taken which should be coming out next week from Wicked, also,” Daniels continued.

“I wanted to write a movie for her. So I wrote Sleeping Around, for Eva.” Daniels said she and Angelina play sisters in that feature.

Asked about the feature, Eva, Angelina said Michael Ninn did it for his company.

“There’s going to be some super pretty shit that makes no sense,” Moz predicted.

“It was a long day,” conceded Angelina, noting that she was originally just doing the narration for the movie.

“But if I’m going to be sitting there the whole day narrating throughout the whole movie then at least put me in a sex scene, a girl-girl scene, whatever- they’re like we can figure something out.” Angelina was then told it was going to be a b-b-g-g and figured, okay, her rates are going to go up.

“Then I get there and it turns out that I was doing a girl-girl scene but I was going to participate in the scene before which was originally a b-b-g, and then they had me come in and do a blowjob when the other girl was fucking a dude. Then I would switch off guys and stuff. I jacked them off and they came on her face. It was kind of weird- whatever. Then I actually ended up having a boy-girl scene as a third scene. I’m, like, I really wasn’t expecting this.” Moz assumed with the money Eva got paid for that day she was able to buy a small island in the Caribbean.

“I really didn’t think it was going to be my movie until I got there,” Angelina laughed. “We’re calling it Eva, okay, that’s cool.”

Moz said he caught Ninn’s Catherine last year and had no idea what the fuck was going on.

“But it looked really nice.” Daniels said she can’t watch stuff that is super over edited like that.

“I can appreciate it- like I think it looks cool,” said Daniels. “I know I can’t fucking do it so I can appreciate how it is.” Daniels likened it to watching the Pam & Tommy Lee video which made her sea sick.

“It’s all over the place- I like it pretty much straightforward.” Daniels talked about how she’d be in the middle of trying to rub one out and the movie jumps around.

It was also noted that Angelina just turned 21 in March and Moz still couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t signed.

“You’re super young but you’re an industry veteran,” he told Eva. “You know your shit- you’re tried and true- you do good scenes, you know how to act; you’re fucking beautiful.”

There must be a reason,” Angelina replied.

“Are you hiding a penis?” Daniels asked her.

“I’m not a tranny,” answered Angelina. “Sometimes I wish I were.” Angelina explained that when she did her girl-girl scene she felt like she truly became a man. Angelina didn’t even know who the other girl was and Moz said that’s just like a man.

“That’s a dude- fuck some bitch and not even know what her name is!” Angelina said when she was younger and the one-night stand queen if she knew your name that was a turn off. Angelina also mentioned that she had a license plate that said if you’re going to ride my ass, at least pull my hair. Angelina’s now begun feature dancing, as well. And since she never was a stripper, it’s like a whole new world for her.

“I like it because I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist,” she said remembering one time when she got wasted, went to a strip club and ended up on stage.

“It was never a problem getting up on stage in dancing,” she said. “It was more like I wanted to be good at it. I wasn’t so confident of how well I looked from an outsider looking in.” Striking up an illustration, Moz said he’s good friends with Avy Scott.

“We’re both from Tampa,” he stated. Daniels noted that you can’t pay Scott enough money to go on stage.

“She’ll do a gangbang but she won’t get up on stage to take her top off,” Daniels added.

“And do it well,” Moz agreed. “And be insatiable- just totally kill it for the camera. But can you get up and say a few words, clothed, like hello to the crowd, this and that? No, she freaks out. But she gets stage fright.”

Angelina’s next gig is in San Francisco at The Crazy Horse- the weekend of June 22nd.

“It’s a crazy club,” she added. Daniels agreed and said she was going to be there the month after. Angelina also mentioned how she did a trial show at The Rouge to see if she was going to like performing. According to Angelina, it was the most tips she ever made in her life. Daniels wondered if that was the same show that Angelina hit a guy in the head with her shoe.

“No, that was in Sacramento at The Gold Club,” Angelina answered. “I bought these new shoes and probably should have strapped them on or something. I did a pole trick and the shoe fell off into this guy’s lap. I was oh my God, it’s so embarrassing.” However the guy gave the shoe back to her.

“I gave him a little kiss on the cheek,” she laughed. Daniels remembered a guy who stole her sock one time on stage. To which, Angelina said a guy stole her panties.

“The things that guys do in strip clubs is just insane to me,” Daniels continued. “I was doing a show one time. I took off my socks and shoes because I was going to do a lotion show. I set them on the back of the stage- they were little girl socks because I was doing a school girl show. I saw the fucker out of the corner of my eye because everything in the strip club is mirrored, hello. I’m watching the guy and he’s stealing my sock. I see him looking at it and he starts licking his lips and his fingers are twitching. I’m thinking this motherfucker’s going to go for my shoe. If he steals my shoe, he’s dead. Sure enough I see his hand dart out. He grabs not the shoe, but the sock- he shoves it down his pants and takes off running with it. I’m thinking what is he going to do with this. My roadie went chasing after him. I’m figuring I got the socks at Wal-Mart, if it’s that important, he can have it. Then I sort of forget about it. But do you know the next night he came back to the club with my sock which was now crunchy and had the nerve to ask me to sign it?”

Now, said Daniels, she has her roadie watching her clothes like a pitbull. Moz reportedly heard that Rouge is never that busy but the night Angelina was there, it was.

“You packed the place.” Angelina said she’s heard the same thing.

“It’s kind of flattering – and the next morning I got booked for 40 more shows.” she added.

Daniels also complimented Angelina on the fact that she lost some weight. Angelina explained that she has her own personal trainer.

Daniels mentioned that she lives next door to Alana Evans and that Evans keeps a stripper pole in her living room. Daniels also wondered if that was a pick-up line on Evans’ part by telling her that. Daniels then said she was moving in a couple of weeks and despises moving but for a house warming present wants a stripper pole.

The discussion got on to Mexican hookers and Daniels remembered the last time Moz tried picking up one in Spain. They almost got killed.

“We were in Spain and I’m trying to pick up this hooker,” Moz explained. “Stormy’s with me because she thinks it’s funny to watch me pick up this hooker. I crash the car. I hit the curb, I got a flat tire and I fucked up. I didn’t get any ass.” Moz also announced that there was a big Sex Expo in Mexico next week where Daniels, Angelina, Avy Scott and Lexi Lamour are headlining the convention.

“The national media is all about you guys,” he said. “They’re going to buy your products and get pictures. It’s like AVN times 100. Avy started bringing me three or four years ago.” Angelina said she’s never been to Mexico City although she’s been to Cancun.

Moz also brought up the subject of the Genesis Hot 100 Porn Stars.

“They forgot Eva,” said Stormy, noting that there was some skanky women who made the list. “Eva should have easily been in the top 10. I didn’t think it was on purpose but I think they forgot her.”

“Am I easily forgotten?” Angelina wondered. Moz also harped about the FAME awards and took particular aim at Brian Gross.

“Fuck face- you piss me off, man,” said Moz. “They whittled down- they took 30 girls and whittled down to, there was supposed to be the Top 5. Stormy got in the Top 8 for actress and boobs; and Eva got oral. It was very cut and dry. They were going to take the Top 5 girls of each category and they said- it was in writing on their site- we’re going to take the Top 5. And then they include the Top 8. I don’t care but you got to know that people are going to think your shit is suspect when you change the rules and the companies that are all sponsoring it…they should have just done the Top 5. It would have left a lot of finger-pointing out.”

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