Attention Producers: Beware of Rene Foxx

To hear an agent, producer or director scammed a girl isn’t something new. So when I seen a tweet go out yesterday about an agent scamming girls, I wanted to get to the bottom of it. What transpired I can’t really even explain. You’ll just have to see it to believe it. The girl’s name is Renee Foxx. Read this entire conversation. You won’t fucking believe it. There is dumb and then there is this crazy bitch.

GR: How did you meet Scottie from Plush Talent?

Rene Foxx: I met him online. I went to Miami to shoot for BangBros. They booked me for a bg. But when I got there they didn’t want to shoot me. After they met me they said I didn’t look like my photos.

GR: Plush Talent booked you for the Bang Bros shoot?

Rene Foxx: No I booked the shoot myself.

GR: So you sent them fake photos?

Rene Foxx: No! I sent them my real photos.

GR: Did you photoshop them?

Rene Foxx: No.

GR:Then how did you not look like your photos?

Rene Foxx: They said they were filtered.

GR: So they were photoshoped?

Rene Foxx: No. I didn’t photoshop them. I would never do that. They just had filters. Everyone uses those.


At this point I had to look into what this girl was talking about. To the left is what she actually looks like. To the right is one of the photos she submits as herself. If the girl on the right is here, it damn sure wasn’t taking in the last few years. Filters and photoshop are one thing, but they don’t agree regress you. Clearly this chick is sending in photos from when she was barely 18. That obviously isn’t what she fucking looks like now.

GR: Okay so how did Plush Talent get involved then?

Rene Foxx: I ended up convincing BangBros to shoot me for a blowjob scene. It didn’t pay that much as the boy/girl they originally said they would shoot me for, but I was broke and I needed money. So I wanted to know if there was anything Scottie from Plush Talent could do to help me out, maybe try and book me with other companies that I didn’t know about. He said he didn’t really do much in Miami but he would try. He came back to me not to much later and said that everyone he knew in Florida either didn’t respond or just passed.

GR: So he couldn’t book you any work?

Rene Foxx: He said I wasn’t really Miami material. I’m 24 and have a couple of tats. He said Miami really only usually shoots girls under 21. But I know that’s not true because I spoke with another agent down there, this guy from Hussie models and they were able to book me a scene with another company almost immediately.

GR: Oh so you were able to get work then? That’s good.

Rene Foxx: Not exactly. They day before the shoot they wanted to see a copy of my test, which I had from the scene I shot with BangBros. It was a real test. I got it directly from the Talent Testing office in Miami. But this agent was saying it wasn’t the right kind of test. But it was a real test. I paid like $60 for it.

GR: I thought testing was like $155?

Rene Foxx: I don’t know. That isn’t what they charged me.

GR: So you didn’t do a full panel and BangBros accepted this as a valid test?

Rene Foxx: They said it was okay but when I went to use it again the next company said it wasn’t. So Hussie models cancelled the shoot and stopped working with me all together.

GR: No valid test costs less than $100. How did BangBros accept the test as valid?

Rene Foxx: I don’t know. All they seemed to care about was that it was from Talent Testing and it was.

GR: So why didn’t you just go do another test, a full panel this time? Why wouldn’t your agent pay for a full test if they knew they had you booked for another scene? That seems a little odd don’t you think?

Rene Foxx: I don’t know. But I don’t want to talk about that.

I should mention that at this point I looked up her test at Talent Testing and found she chose not to disclose her test results. As you know, this is a sure sign that something isn’t right.  Anyone who hides their test results clearly has something to hide.

Now I want you to think about this in regards to Hussie Models. What agent is going to turn down guaranteed money? If they knew for a fact they had bookings for this girl, why not get her tested? Something isn’t right.

GR: So what happened next?

Rene Foxx: At this point Plush Talent was saying he didn’t really do a lot of bookings in Florida and the few people he did work with there didn’t really want to work with me.

GR: Okay so how did things go from there to him being a perv? Did he try and fuck you? I heard some stories about him and some of his girls.

Rene Foxx: No. I never met him in person. I only talked to him on the phone.

GR: If you’ve never met the guy then … okay well, how is he a perv then?

Rene Foxx: He wanted me to send him naked pictures.

GR: Weren’t those the pictures he used to send out to producers to try and get you work?

Rene Foxx: Still he’s just creepy.

GR: How is he a creepy perv? What specifically makes you say that? I noticed you tweeted that several times.

Rene Foxx: I don’t know. He just is.

GR: Okay, fair enough. Let’s continue. Tell me what happened next.

Rene Foxx: He said he couldn’t use some of the photos I sent him because they were edited. I told him that everyone uses Instagram filters. He was just obviously old and clueless. He insisted I take new photos with my cell phone. I sent those over and he said they were fine. But even though he said that, he still couldn’t book me any scenes. So obviously he just wanted me to send him naked pics.

GR:  Is that the content you claimed he stole? Your naked photos?

Rene Foxx: No. He said that he might know a few people who will buy self shot videos. He said depending on the quality or something that it could be anywhere from $100 to $350. So I knew this guy who let me film him giving me a blowjob and I sent the video to Scottie. It took a few days but eventually he got back to me and said he didn’t have any luck selling it that the quality was to low.

GR:  Where does the theft come in? Did he make a deal and then just not pay you?

Rene Foxx: No, he said the few buyers he had didn’t like it so no deal was made.

GR:  How then does the $350 in theft come into play?


Rene Foxx: I made the video. He owes me the money.

GR:  How does he owe you the money?

Rene Foxx: He said he could sell it. He lied. He’s a liar.

GR:  But he came back to you and told you that he couldn’t. Nobody was interested in buying the video. How was that his fault?

Rene Foxx: You don’t understand.

GR:  You’re right. I really don’t. Please explain to me. The way I see it is, you have a product he was going to try and broker a deal for you, he couldn’t so you now think he should have to pay you for the product?

That’s sort of like saying Digital Playground make a movie and sent it over to their distributor to sell. They couldn’t sell it because the video was shit. But that doesn’t mean they can make their distributor pay for the movie. It doesn’t work like that.

Rene Foxx: You’re twisting my words.

GR: I don’t think that I am. I’m just trying to figure out how this guy owes you money. Sounds like to me he went out of his way to help you. Since you want him to pay you for the time you spent making the video, did you pay him for the time he spent trying to book you work in Florida?

Rene Foxx: Obviously you don’t know what you are talking about. That’s not how it works.

GR:  Tell me then exactly how the guy stole your content and owes you money? I’m just trying to understand.

She stopped talking to me at that point. So while I never exactly figured out how this bitch thinks Plush Talent owes her money, I did find her claims about the testing over at BangBros interesting. Why is BangBros working with performers who aren’t fulling tested?

I also wonder what Riley over at Hussie Models knows about this. Why did he pass up on guaranteed money? I mean what agent would do that? If he knew for a fact he could book this girl in a scene because he already had the booking, why not just get her tested? Something doesn’t add up.

Why now are this girls test results hidden?

Why did BangBros work with a girl who didn’t have a full, valid test?




  1. You could have stopped the interview right after the cunt sent out fake pics. That side by side shot of who she really is and what she sends out says all we need to know about this whore.

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